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Administrative Claiming Time Study for Federal Financial ...

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MedicaidAdministrativeFFPClaiming for MAP
Maryland Department of Aging
Overview of MedicaidAdministrative FFP claiming
There are two types of Medicaid Federal Financial Participation (FFP) that states can receive for Medicaid:ServiceFFP: percentage that is paid according to each state’s Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) for services provided to a Medicaid eligible individual. Maryland’s FMAP is 50%.Administrative FFP: matching dollars (generally 50%) that are paid to cover administrative costs necessary to operate the program.Administrative FFP may be claimed for activities that contribute to the efficient and effective administration of the Medicaid program.Claimableadministrative activities include, but are not limited to:intake for Medicaid serviceseligibility determinationservice authorizationquality assurance oversight for Medicaid services
Maryland Department of Aging
Why is FFPClaimingImportant
MAP hasbecome a central component of Maryland’sBIP andother systems change efforts.MAPsites will be assuming responsibilityfor new functions including:Conductingthe Level I ScreenOptions counselingBIP and MFP fundingfor theseeffortsis time limited.FFP is an ongoing sustainable source of funding.
Maryland Department of Aging
Operational Requirements for Claiming FFP
Document portion of time that is Medicaid related (time study)Account for costs for providing servicesMOU with Medicaid agencyContractual relationships with agencies receiving FFP
Maryland Department of Aging
Status of building FFP Claiming Infrastructure
Completed Work:Agreement among MDoA and DHMH to claim FFPDevelopment of draft codesPiloting of codes and time documentation approachWork to be Done:Development of infrastructure for ongoing time studyDevelopment of process for documenting costsReview and approval by DHMH and CMS
Maryland Department of Aging





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Administrative Claiming Time Study for Federal Financial ...