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Student Self-Description of Mathematical Skill, Verbal ...

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AteGueenL. [email protected], Manado, Indonesia
Thisdescriptivequantitativestudywasintendedto explorethecomparisonandassociationbetweensocialskillsandacademicachievementofuniversitystudentsbasedongender.
Social Skills
Socialskills are components of behavior that a student needs to develop so as to interact with class mate and teacher in theclassroom.
Academic Achievement
Achievement defined asperformancein a series of tests. It is used to measure student comprehension of a particular subject and a tool to promote student.This refers to the student final grade of Philosophy of Christian Education.
Research DesignThis quantitative study is basically a descriptive comparative correlational survey, wherein both independent and dependent variables are described before they are correlated.
Purposivesampling, with 139respondentsenrolledin ageneral coursecalled Philosophy of Christian Education in second semester during school year 2015/2016 at a private university inAirmadidi, NorthMinahasaRegency, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.Outof the 139 participants’ responses, 30 were first randomly selected for pilot study so as to examine the validity and reliability of the instrument; and 109 were used for data analysis in actual study.
Thequestionnaire is generallyknown asSocial Skill Rating System (SSRS) that was originally developed by Elliot and Gresham (1990). Theinitialquestionnaire consists of 39 items or statements, to which the responses are constructed with 5-point Likert scale as follows: (1) never, (2) almost never, (3) sometimes, (4)often, and (5) always.
Instrument Validity&Reliability
Validatedthrough a pilot study.30 participants;39items werevalid and reliable withCronbachalpha=.80.
Copiesof the questionnaire were administered to 139 students who voluntarily participated in this study. The researcher firstly selected students who were available and willing to participate in the study on voluntary basis. After distributing the questionnaire to the respondents, the researcher explained the purpose of the study as well as how to write their responses to each item of the questionnaire.
Interpretation of Data
Based on 5-pointLikertscale, theinterpretation of the average score of thesocialskillsasfollows:1.00 – 1.49 = very low1.50 – 2.49 = low2.50 – 3.49 = average3.50 – 4.49 =high4.50 –5.00=very high
Theacademicachievementindicatedinwithpercentage,whichwas interpreted in accordance with the description prescribed byKementerianPendidikanIndonesia (Ministry of Education) as follows:<69=Poor70-79=Average80-89=Above Average90-100= Excellentsignificancelevel= .05 was adopted.
Meanscore of the student social skill was 3.56, which is categorized as high level in a 5-point Likert-scale.Meanscore of the student course grade was 92.35, which equals to grade A, meaning that the respondents were excellent students.
Social skills based on gendert-testwas utilizedp= 0.14>= 0.05,notsignificantNevertheless, both female and male students’ social skill are categorized as highlevel.
Academicachievement,based on gendert-test was utilizedp=0.00, indicating significantdifference between female(M =95.26) andmale(M =89.56) students’ course grade,implying thatfemale students were significantly smarter than male students.
Correlationbetween social skills and academic achievement.Pearsonbivariate correlationanalysis was utilizedp= 0.85>=0.05, indicating nosignificant correlation between social skills and academic achievement of the respondents.
The social skills and course grade of the students were both categorized in high level, indicating that the students had good social skills and excellent grade scores.The students’ course grade was excellent, insignificantly associated with their high-level social skills.Female students’ excellent course grade was significantly higher than that of male students.





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Student Self-Description of Mathematical Skill, Verbal ...