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Giving and Receiving Feedback ACTDET Literacy and Numeracy

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Dr Janet SmithAssociate ProfessorThe Education Institute, University of CanberraMay, 2012
Giving and Receiving FeedbackACT Education and Training DirectorateLeadership Conference
Ronald Heifetz
If leading were all about giving people good news, it would be easyLeader To Leader Journal, Leading with an Open Heart, No.26, Fall 2002
Meg Wheatley
Relationships are all there is.Turning to One Another,2009:23
Some Questions . . .
How do you mostly feel about giving Feedback?How do you mostly feel about receiving Feedback?What is your greatest fear about giving corrective feedback to others?What skills do you feel you need to learn to do a better job at giving feedback?
Susan Scott
While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, a company, a relationship, or a life – any single conversation can.Fierce Conversations,2004:xix
Fierce Conversations Model
Preparation1Name the issue.2Select a specific example that illustrates the behavior or situation you want to change.3Describe your emotions around this issue.4Clarify why this is important — what is at stake to gain or lose for you, for others, for the team or organization.5Identify yourcontribution(s) to this issue (if any).6Indicate your wish to resolve the issue.7Invite your partner to respond.
Fierce Conversations Model
Interaction8Inquire into your partner’s views. Use paraphrasing and perception check. Dig for full understanding; don’t be satisfied on the surface. Make sure your partner knows that you fully understand and acknowledge his/her position and interests.Resolution9What was learned? Where are we now? What is needed for resolution? What was left unsaid that needs saying? Have we moved? What is our new understanding? How can we move forward from here, given this new understanding?Make a new agreement and have a method to hold each other accountable for it.Susan Scott,Fierce Conversations,2004:254





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Giving and Receiving Feedback ACTDET Literacy and Numeracy