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Group B:Traditional Board and Projector with Dynamic Geometry
Malaysia: Chap Sam,UiHock, LeongCheeHinSingapore: Hoe YinBrunei:Madihah,Ibrahim, AliHamdaniThailand:Ua-jit,Danporn,PrapawadeeIndonesia: IdaKarnasih;Australia:Peter, MaxHong Kong:Litwin
Q3)How do you useblackboardsandprojector (technology)in your country?Q4) How can weinnovate our teaching approacheswith teachers?
MalaysiaMain uses:1) Forexplanation of content or elaboration2) Toassess pupils’ performance – ask pupils to come out and show on blackboard3) Asdisplay board – paste manila cards/flash cards/students’ work4) Toprovide information – short important note/list/reminder of homeworkUseof ICT:1)withMultimedia corridor – 1990 with smart school project – Graphing calculators – GSP
Useof black board
Hong Kong1) Not muchemphasis onthe useof blackboard, pre-service teachers did not learn much or practice much in designing blackboard presentation.2) Butsince 2002 Education Bureau suggested that30% of the time need to use ICT- Teacherused ready-madepptfrom the publishere-textbookwhich is apdffiles of the textbook- usevisualizerwith projector,software – EXCEL, GSP
Useof black board
BruneiUseof blackboard, not as purposeful asit shouldWithLS – blackboard – more well plan nowICT1) Away of representation2) Pre-serviceTeachers are encouraged to use ICT, but not just show /project information3) Shouldbe more interactive4) Eachprimary school is equipped with at least one interactive white board5)Mimio– projector – B$10006) Secondaryschools – provide with projector and computer lab7) Allschools equipped with internet – so that cane-book, courseware, graphing calculators
Useof black board
Australia1) Blackboardspace – become smaller with the introduction of technology2) Blackboard– consider as out-of date but means of communication3) Butfor math – it is important to have blackboard, whole record of what is happening, and
Useof black board
Singapore1) Stilluse blackboard/white board – now with tablet, interactive board - addedvalue2) ICT–MP1somefor and some againstin 90s3) In MP3, by 2015, ICT-enabled lessons: 50%; Self-directed & Collaborated learning lesson: 20%4)Matchsuitable pedagogies with ICT, focus on thinking process, problem solvingand teacher as facilitator
Useof black board
Thailand1) Usemagnetic blackboard – especially for LS projectschools2) UseGSP --- in secondary schools, the issue of inconsistency of power supply to some schools – not really using GSP in teaching and learning
Useof BlackboardBlackboard is still an important tool especially for math teaching as mathematics need more space to illustrate/show the working of mathematics solution/working.Increasing use of ICT – should help to enhance this use of electronicspaceInteractive white board, tablet PC,visualizer, e-book,ipad,
How to use blackboard / projector innovatively?
-depend on purpose/nature of the topice.gtransformation – better to use tool that help in visualization-use of technology to help to reduce the repetitive and tedious calculation so that the teacher can focus on the conceptualization/applicatione.gstatistics
How to use blackboard / projector innovatively
-“click and drag” features – can used to provide dynamic or multiple examples – tracing the locus- both teachers and students need to use the technology – not just one party-blackboard compliment with manipulative, and IT (courseware/software – e.g. Autograph)
How to use blackboard / projector innovatively?
-develop digital textbook using the software calleddbook– develop interactive activities (e.g. in geometry) so that all teachers/parents and students can just download and use it ---use of e-learning portal – provide resources to teachers – particularly during emergency period such as SARS.
Questions /Suggestions for APEC countries to think about:
1)reconceptualizethe use of blackboard – not to be replaced with – as assumption that blackboard has the connotation of just chalk and talk.2) Whatis the future route ahead of mathematics teaching? – whether is drill and practice, or more mathematical thinking …., so how to integrate or use ICT to help?
Questions /Suggestions for APEC countries to think about:
3) DoesICT diminish or enhance the development of mathematical language or assist in communication of mathematical meaning?4) ICTis always driven by commercial benefit rather than educational/mathematical benefit – so be cautious!5) ICTas another resource of learning – need to evaluate its uses from a mathematical educational perspective and treat it as the same way as other learning resources evaluated as part of planning of lesson study.
An example of how to use GSP to teach mathematics innovativelybyUiHockCheah





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