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Details that Dance and Show Action

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Details that Dance and Show Action
They met at the register. They walked past the man, cool, casual, not looking-(“Don’t look at him.” Weasel had been firm about that)-though Mongoose mightily wanted to.-Jerry Spinelli, from The Library CardYep, thought Flora, that’s me. She bent her head and went back to reading about the amazingIncandesto.-KateDiCamillo, from Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated AdventuresIt happens to everyone, Tommy reminded himself as he kicked at a large brown stone. At least in this century.-Blue Balliett, from Pieces and PlayersOnly ten million more to go, he thought, then placed the shovel back in the crack and jumped on it again.-Louis Sachar, from Holes
Act and ThinkMentor Sentences
Stella inched forward, typing to get a better look.-SharonDraper, from Stella by Starlight
Lily sank back on her heels to look around at the blue walls and ceiling, and the gold stars pasted on here and there.-PatriciaReillyGiff, from Lily’s Crossing
I snatched my wallet and opened it to see if anything was missing.-ChristopherPaul Curtis, from Bucking thesarge
But, Why?Mentor Sentences
On November 14, 1960, a tiny six-year-old black child, surrounded by federal marshals, walked through a mob of screaming segregationists and into her school.-Ruby Bridges, from Through My EyesLater that morning, just before nine, Tom and Frankie headed out the barn door and across the backyard.-John Ritter, from The Boy Who Saved BaseballNearly 4 billion years ago in earth’s oceans, life began in the form of bacteria- single-celled organisms able to eat and reproduce.-JoyceSidman, from Ubiquitous: CelebratingNature’sSurvivors
Time MakerMentor Sentences
At the top floor, Friedrich pushed open a door and entered a cavernous room.-Pam Munoz Ryan, from Echo
Outside in the sunshine, thousands of bees droned happily, gathering honey from the clusters of acacia blossoms.-KateSeredy, from The Singing Tree
Location Marker and TransitionMentor Sentences
On the sidewalk in front of their house, Joey-Mick finished tying his shoe with a double knot.-Linda Sue Park, from Keeping Score
Slowly, one by one, they left.-PatriciaMacLachlan, from Sarah, Plain and TallDesperately, the people tried to save the potatoes.-Susan CampbellBartoletti, from Black Potatoes:TheStory of the Great Irish Famine, 1845-1850Nervously, he rubbed the notebook one last time, then cautiously lowered his hand around the windup toy he wanted.-Brian Selznick, from The Invention of HugoCabretStupidly, I stayed, I watched.-Markus Zusak, from The Book Thief
Adverb CommaMentor Sentences
Cupping his hand very steady, Mario walked back to the newsstand.-George Selden, from The Cricket in Times SquareChewing on her lip, Hazel unlocked the front door and went back into the house.-AnneUrsu, from BreadcrumbsTaking a deep breath, he pulled hard on the iron rod.-Deron Hicks, from The Secrets of Shakespeare’s GraveInhaling and exhaling into her mouth organ, Ramona closed her eyes and tried to pedal around the coffee table without looking.-Beverly Cleary, fromBeezusand RamonaTreading very carefully, Mr.Lemoncellowalked to the podium.-ChrisGrabenstein, from Escape from Mr.Lemoncello’sLibraryRounding a bend, Billy came to a pair of massive wrought-iron gates set between twin columns of stacked stone.-ChrisGrabenstein, from The Island of Dr.Libris
INGs Up FrontMentor Sentences
Humiliated, Ida shrank down.-Avi, from The Secret SchoolEmbarrassed, I slide my drawings underneath my blank writing assignment.-LyndaMullalyHunt, from Fish in a TreeStartled, he looked and saw a man climb up the bleachers and sit beside him.-Matt Christopher, from The Kid Who Only Hit HomersRefreshed, he ran without stopping to the large front entryway.-Wendy Moss, from TheCandymakersInspired by his fun, I poked my head into my tree and whistled.-Jean Craighead George, from My Side of the Mountain
EDs Up FrontMentor Sentences

Ba-room,ba-room,ba-room,baripity,baripity,baripity,baripity-Good. His dad had the pickup going.-Katherine Paterson, from Bridge to TerabithiaMy serve is what is called an epic fail, and some of the girls start doing the slow clap.Clap.Pause.Clap.Pause.Clap.It’s sarcastic clapping.-Rebecca Stead, from Liar & Spy
Explain That SoundOnomatopoeiaMentor Sentences
His other leg was a scratched-up chunk of wood from the knee down and made it a solidthunkwith each stepThunk. Creak.Thunk. Creak.Thunk.-LieslShurtliff, from Jack: The True Story of Jack and the BeanstalkVroom vroom. Bang! Crash! The sports car hit the sedan and rolled over off the highway stripe.Pb-pb-b-b-b. The motorcycle came roaring to the scene of the crash.-Beverly Cleary, from The Mouse and the Motorcycle
Explain That SoundOnomatopoeia (cont.)Mentor Sentences





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Details that Dance and Show Action