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Phoebe -

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Titanessof Bright and IntellectGave the oracle of Delphi to Apollo (her grandson)MarriedCoeusConnected to the MoonMother ofLeto
Goddess of EarthMeans flow and ease (related tomenstreulcycle)Gaea and Uranus are her parentsMarried to her brother CronusArchetypes (motherly, caregiver)
Goddess of the Hunt, forest, hills, and moonStags, dogs, arrows, moons,Twin sister of ApolloEternal Virgin (gift given to her)Daughter ofLetoBoyfriend turned into a Stag
Castrated father with sickle and led the fist Titan takeover.Ate all of his children so they wouldn’t overthrow them.Zeus overthrows Cronus (SATURN)
God of all godsOverthrew CronusSiblings: Hera, Hestia, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter,LetoGod of Sky (lighting bolt weapon)Two sons Ares and Hephaestus
Goddess of the hearth and homeEaten by Cronus by spit out when Zeus made him.Poseidon and Apollo both tried to marry her.1stand last offerings always tohestiaSymbol is the sacred fire.Eternal Virgin
Poseidon (Neptune)
Triton (weapon)God of the SeaTop three Gods (Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon)Earth shaker, tamer of horsesAmphitrite was his wifeVengeful against sailors and explorersMated with Medusa (Pegasus was born)Raped Demeter and fathered (Persephone)Fathered the Minotaur
Son of UranusGod of OceanOver 6000 children withTethy, loses job to PoseidonOldest TitanRepresented as a Bull horned God with a tail of a fish. Also had an Oar.Cast into the ocean by Cronus in a wrestling match.
Child wasLetoMainly known as the keeper of wisdomAlternate name isKoeusGod of the north (Polaris)Name means query or questioningHe holds the heavens and the earth apart.Cast intoTartarus
Son of Gaea (created without a man/father)Had six sons and six daughters (unhappy with his children)Wife was his momCastratedDefeated by Cronus
Female titan, bride of ZeusGoddess of mother hood and protector of all children.Banished from Olympus, but eventfully her sentence was commuted.
Twin sister ArtemisGod of the SunApollo killed a python four days after he was born.Zeus killed Apollo's son so Apollo killed thecyclopswho created Zeus weapon.
Goddess of the HarvestDaughter Persephone abducted by HadesDemeter hid amongst horses to avoid Poseidon’s advances but was assaulted by Poseidon and he fathered Persephone.Daughter of Cronus andRheaFather of the Seasons
Goddess of the earthFoursibilingsand fourteen childrenEmerged with the creation of Air, Sea, and SkyClothed in green.Uranus imprisoned her sons in her womb. Mated with her son to produce the titans.





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Phoebe -