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Orientation and induction process flowchart
Statewide Orientation conference RAIS – BrisbaneStrategic contexts and Education Queensland prioritiesTransfer/appointmentinformation and HR information and QUT information –‘The Process’Teaching expectations including language difference–‘The What’ ‘The How’Community and cultural orientation –‘The Who’Note:Teachers living within driving distance from Brisbane will not be accommodated at Brisbane RAIS. TRS will be provided where required, to cover you attending the Brisbane RAIS. Partners and family will not be accommodated at the Brisbane RAIS. Teachers will be required to twin share with other teachers.Australian Professional Standards for Teachers – 1, 4 & 7
Informationis posted and emailed fromyour newRegion to you regarding thetransfer/appointmentprocess, flights and travel details, a booklet titled ‘ Making the Transition’ and a DVD. Travel to Cairns or other Regional RAIS conferences are covered through yourtransfer/appointmentuplift process. The Indigenous Schooling Support Unit (ISSU) will be organising the RAIS conferences and the traveltothe Brisbane conference for those teachers from isolated areas.You should not book your travel to your community until you have confirmed dates for your Regional RAIS.
Stage One(appointed Term 4 or before December 7)
Regional orientation conference RAIS – Cairns and/or other Regional centres (TBA)Strategies for Teaching in your new school –‘The How’Pedagogical approaches–‘The What’Community and parent partnerships–‘The Who’Personal health and well-being–‘The Capacity’Personal conduct -‘The Capacity’Catch up session for appointees after December 12thNote:Familytransfer/appointments,where approved, will be accommodated at the Regional RAIS. Traveltothis conference is organised as part of yourtransfer/appointment.Travelfromthis conference to your community will also be organised the same way in coordination with HR as determined by your Principal.Australian Professional Standards for Teachers – 1, 2,3,4 & 7
Stage Two(appointed after December 12)
School-based Induction RAIS – Individual school sitesLocal protocols – community and school –‘The Who’Student protection and Code of Conduct courses -‘The Who’Pedagogical framework for your specific school – ‘The How’ ‘ The What’Personal conduct -‘The Capacity’Catch up session for those appointed after Pupil free days run by Principals.Australian Professional Standards for Teachers – 2,3,4,5 & 7
Stage Three(appointed on or after Pupil Free Day)
On-line survey RAIS – RAIS FeedbackThere is an expectation that all teacherstransferred/appointedto Identified Indigenous Schools ( P4S) will complete a confidential on-line survey emailed to them in Week 8 Term 1. This provides important information that informs future RAIS programs.Australian Professional Standards for Teachers – 6
Education Queensland -Far Northern Region and Indigenous Schooling Support (ISSU) Cairns, 2013





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