• Innovate The Art of Presentation

    Innovate The Art of Presentation

    Zoom and pan effect in Focusky brings your presentation to life, to present your ideas in cinematic and engaging way

  • Make Presentation Stand Out From Competition

    Stand Out From Competition

    Make your unique zoom presentation to impress everyone and share your creative ideas in a more memorable way

  • Rich Media Presentation Ideas

    Rich Media Presentation Ideas

    Present your topic with online YouTube video, images, Flash, links on wide-open digital whiteboard

Focus on Ideas

Engaging Offline & Online Presentation Maker for Windows & Mac, Free PowerPoint Alternative

What Should You Do

Focusky Examples

  • Better Presentation software choice to help your audiance to remember more.

    What is Focusky

  • A interesting slideshow to tell you why you need Focusky presentation maker rather than PowerPoint.

    Why Focusky

  • Introduce 8 pratically useful tips for helping you create awesome digital presentation with Focusky presentation maker.

    Tips for Presentation

  • Infografics style presentation to show the trend of mobile network and PC network

    Infographics Presentation

Zoom and Slide Based Presenting

Rather than being stuck in static slide of PowerPoint, your ideas are presented in a dynamic and fascinating way with zoom and span effect, like a animated movie.

Rich Media Presentation

Except text and links, multimedia including images, online YouTube video, Vimeo video, swf and flv video are available in software to express your idea.

Wide-open Electronic Whiteboard

Organize your brilliant ideas in a free scaling digital canvas rather than being limited in a finite editable area. Free to present and make the information visualized.

Offline & Online Presenting

The Focusky allows you to publish the creative presentation in either EXE or HTML format for offline or online displaying.

How to publish online

Path of Discovery

Rather than traditional slide to slide presentation, with more fun the zooming presentation lead the people down a path of discovery in mind mapping style.

Encourage Simpleness

Focusky encourages beauty and simpleness, helping maximize your information with least words and making the audience focus on the most important aspects of presentation.

Happy Clients Testimonials

  • “ I think that it is really a great software to build an eye catching presentations and together with the possibilities to publish them on the internet make Focosky an excellent presentation builder program. ”

    Miki Sever (CEO) - Tiktakti

  • “ A cool new presentation maker that may serve as a PowerPoint alternative. You can zoom and span the slides, add videos, shapes, objects and paths. ”

    Baiba Svenca - EFL teacher, teacher trainer

If your idea is different, why is your presentation the same

Make Presentation Now

Why Focusky

Q:Why do I choose Focusky rather than PowerPoint to display my ideas?

A: Because Focusky makes an impressive presentation which will bring your audience memorable experience and stand out from the competition. It is not just a PowerPoint alternative.

Q:What can Focusky be used for?

A: Focusky enables all your imaginations in presentations, no mtatter for a planning meeting, an academic report, a product instruction or an advertising animated show, etc. Everywhere, Focusky will be with you!

Q:Who will need Focusky?

A: No matter who you are or what occupation you are taking up, as long as you are going to have a presentation and you want to make your show impress everyone, Focusky will be an excellent assistant.

Q:Where can I display the zoom presentation

A: You can present your multimedia presentation in classroom for education, in conference for sharing ideas, in a meeting for negotiation, in office for business, etc.

Q:How can I make memorable presentation easily

A: With Focusky creative presentation software, though you are not a tech-savvy, you can easily make beautiful presentation in several simple steps without programming knowledge and design skill.