Free Multimedia Presentation Software for Teachers to Create Awesome Presentation

A presentation with zooming and panning effects, interactive rich media embedded seems more appealing than traditional PowerPoint slideshows. All you can do this by free multimedia presentation software-Focusky. For a long time, PowerPoint is thought as the most popular presentation software. It is regarded by many as the most useful and accessible way to create and present visual aids to the audience. So do many teachers, they use PowerPoint to deliver their courses. Frankly speaking, compared with blackboard and chalk writing, PPT presentation is definitely a better choice for presenting. However, when a more powerful and free software appears that really makes a difference, why not having a try? Focusky is your trustworthy tool to create awesome presentations. Check out.

PPT to Zooming & Panning Presentation Free

Novelty will always attract the audience more easily, and this is of no exception for presentation. Students are too familiar with PowerPoint presentation and this slide to slide experience is losing its freshness and thus popularity. But a zooming and panning experience can revitalize the presentation, which will delight the students. And Focusky can help you convert MS PowerPoint slideshow into zooming and panning presentation. You can also create from scratch with preset templates.
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Rich Media & Interactive

In addition to enabling you to convert PPT to engaging presentation with zooming and panning effect, this free multimedia presentatiosn software allows you to enrich the presentation with rich media. You can add link, embed video including local video and online YouTube/Vimeo video, insert sound, image, shape and so on. Besides, this PowerPoint alternative can make the presentation more interactive by enabling you to add animation to any embedded object.

Easily Accessible

Whenever you want to present with a PowerPoint presentation, you have to install the Microsoft Office Suite with PowerPoint or other presentation software. But with Focusky, you don’t need install any presentation software before delivering the presentation. Once you create a presentation with this interactive presentation tool, you just need to publish it online or offline. And you can open it in the browser or run it as Windows/Mac application.