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Orientation Overview
Introductions-FacilitatorWhy am I being asked to attend Court?JudgeWhat is the Court Process?Prosecuting AttorneyWho will be in Court?Prosecuting AttorneyWhat are the Rules in Court?BailiffWho can I Talk to Before and After Court?Facilitator/DHWMy Communicationto The Court?FacilitatorCourtroom Tour-Facilitator
Why am I being asked to attend court?
Speaker: JudgeMaterials Needed:Blank Flip Chart PageObjective:To give youth a clear understanding of IJR40 and to familiarize themselves with the court in a nonthreatening environment.Discussion:Judge will discuss IJR40Information he would like to know from youthWhat he is and is not capable of ruling onWho will hear or readcommunication given to court
What is the Court Process?
Speaker: AttorneyMaterials Needed:Page 20 of “What Happens in Court” coloring bookFlip chart page 2Objective:Familiarize youth to the various stages of a child protection caseDiscussion:Attorney will discuss the stages of a child protection caseBriefly discussing the purpose of shelter care, adjudicatory, case plan, review and permanency hearings.Focus will be given to review and permanency hearings.
Flipchart #2
Who will be in Court?
Speaker- AttorneyMaterials needed:Pages10thru 15 of “What Happens in Court” coloring bookFlip chart page 3Objective:Orient youth to who may or may not be in court when they attendDiscussion:This is a good time to discuss who they may want to sit with while waiting and in court.
Flipchart #3
What are the Rules in Court
Speaker-BailiffMaterials Needed:Page 8 of “What Happens in Court” coloring bookFlip chart page 4Objective:Inform youth of proper etiquette while in a courthouse environmentDiscussion:Review page 8 of coloring bookInclude in discussion- stand up when speaking to court, speak loud and clearReview dress code. (This is a good time for facilitator to inform youth to speak to their foster parent, DHW worker or CASA volunteer about obtaining a court outfit)
What are the Rules in Court?
Be on TimeDress NeatlyDon’t go alone. Make sure there is an adult with you.Show respect to the people who are there.Don’t eat or drink in court.Don’t chew gum.You cant listen to music in court.During court, pay attention. No cell phones or video games.There may be other cases before yours. You have to be quiet and wait.When your case starts, call the judge “Your Honor”. This is what people call the judge to show respect.Stand up and speak clearly when you speak to the judge.Don’t speak unless the judge or attorney asks you to.If you don’t understand something, say that you don’t understand. Don’t guess. Someone will explain it again for you.Tell the truth.
Flipchart # 4
My Circle of Support
Flipchart #5
My Communication to the Court





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