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9~Public~Citizen Relations (Hansen)

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Public/Citizen Relations
Steven Hansen, PEDirector of Public Works - Liberty, MOKC Public Works InstituteOctober 28, 2015
Program Objectives
Understand what public/citizen relations isGain an understanding of why good public/citizen relations is such a key component of every organizationUnderstand the basic components of public/citizen relationsReview public relations strategies for public works projectsUnderstand the benefits of a good public/citizen relations program and how to strengthen relations with the public
What is Public/Citizen Relations
Public/citizen relations involves the planned and sustained promotion of services provided by organizations. It is intended to shape the image of the organization in the eyes of its customers and to maintain mutual understanding between the organization and the public.
Why is an Effective Public/Citizen Relations Program Important
Creates a sense of communityEducates and informsChanges attitudesCreates buy-inPublic awareness makes the difference
Components of Public/Citizen Relations
Knowing how to best reach the publicUnderstanding the interests and concerns of the citizensEffective communicationsTraining and empowering staffEvaluating and modifying the program as required
Public/Citizen Relations Strategies for Public Works
CommunicationsProactive involvementTo get public acceptance you need public involvementBe honest and forthright about impactsProvide information throughout the phases of a projectLISTEN !!!!!!
Public/Citizen Relations Culture Evaluation
Good public citizen relations is a mindsetOrganization should have commonly shared mission/value/vision statementProgram should be one of the organizations strategic goals with implementation plan and performance indicators relating back to the strategic goals
Benefits of a Good Public/Citizens Relations Program
Strengthen relations with citizensBetter policy makingTap new sources of relevant ideas, resources and informationBuild increased trust in governmentAllows for improvement in service delivery through information on latent issues
How do you Strengthen Relationships With the Public
Make sure information is complete, objective, reliable, relevant and easy to understandEstablish clear goals and rules defining the limits to account for use of the publics inputProvide sufficient time and flexibility to the public for developing the emergence of new ideas and proposals





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9~Public~Citizen Relations (Hansen)