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CiscoWebexMeetings vs CiscoWebexTeams
Webex Meetings and Webex Teams are both great at what they do.If you have both, you’ll notice there are some overlapping functionalities.When to use what is really down to personal preference but here are some recommendations to helpguide you.
When should I useWebex Meetings?Anything you can do in a face-to-face meeting, you can do in a Webex Meeting. Webex Meetings is your virtual meeting place where you can meet with others in real time. You can share your screen, documents, record the meeting, chat, pass keyboard control and more. Anyone can join from a web browser, the desktop app, or mobile device.
When should I useWebex Teams?Webex Teams goes beyond the meeting itself. After all, meetings are just one part of a team journey. Webex Teams integrates the whole collaboration experience; before, during and after meetings. Create groups for shared interestsor workstreams, post and find documents previously shared, draft and send messages, create and review whiteboards. You get the same experience whether you use it on your windows PC, Mac, web app or mobile device.

Recommended practices: What to use, and when to use it
CiscoWebexTeamsContinue the conversationUse Webex Teams - Within your spaces, you can start a conversation before, during or after your meeting, keeping the conversation alive and everyone on track.ForwhiteboardingUse Webex Teams to create whiteboards in meetings that you can continue to edit even after the meeting. They are automatically saved to your space for everyone to see, edit and review.Files and documentsA great feature in Webex Teams, is all files and documents shared are stored in your space and are easily searchable.
Too close to call!Ad-hoc, 1:1 or internal team meetingsIf you have a 1:1 space with a person,it's simple to call them from Teams. However, if you have weekly team meetings, you might prefer to schedule a reoccurring Webex Meeting from your calendar.
CiscoWebexMeetingsScheduled, client, or more formal meetingsWebexMeetings are easy to schedule and amend. Your attendees can join from the Webex app or the Teams app – desktop or mobile.Presentation deliveryWebexMeetings wins here, you can load your documents before your attendees have joined and share the presentation inside the meeting window to ensure all eyes are on your content, not your whole desktop.More control of the meeting experienceWebexMeetings allows for a more professional type of meeting. You can mute all attendees on entry to reduce background noise. Pin the presenter video so everyone is focused on the message.
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