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Plot Review -

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Plot Review
1. Which of the following statements is true?The falling action moves the plot toward a solution to the problem.The resolution occurs at the beginning of the story.The exposition is the part of the story with the highest level of action.The rising action has more tension than the climax.
2.____is the final outcome of the story.A. ResolutionB. ConflictC. ExpositionD. Falling action
3. ___where most conflicts are usually resolved at this time, and tying up lose ends in the storyA. ExpositionB. ConflictC. Rising actionD. Falling action
4. __is the problem in the story that hinders the character from reaching his/her goal.A. ClimaxB. FictionC. ConflictD. Exposition
5. _____is the moment of greatest emotional tension in a story.A. ConflictB. Rising actionC. ClimaxD. Exposition
6. The time and location in which a story takes placeA. PlotB. SettingC. ConflictD. Characterization
7. What is a person or animal which takes part in the action of a story called?A. SettingB. PlotC. CharacterD. Conflict
8. What is the name for all events leading up to the climax?A. ExpositionB. ResolutionC. Falling actionD. Rising action
Which word goes here?
Rising ActionClimaxFalling ActionResolution
Which word goes here?
Rising ActionClimaxFalling ActionResolution
Which word goes here?
Rising ActionClimaxExpositionResolution
Which of the following passages reveals thecentral conflictthat would drive the story's plot structure andlead tothe climax of the story?The girls decided that they would take a road trip to Blue Lake and stay in a cabin for a week."What are we going to do?" Amanda screeched. Lauren closed her eyes and tried to think about their options. "Lauren? What do we do?"The highway stretched for miles in either direction. Suddenly, Lauren said, "Amanda, I'm flooring it, and we are slowing down." The car coasted to a stop on the shoulder.Thornton was exactly 300 miles from the nearest large body of water, making it the worst place that Amanda and Lauren could imagine being for the summer.





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Plot Review -