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General Aviation & Weather in China -

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General Aviation & Weather: US Support for China Development
Paul FiducciaAviation Systems Engineering, Inc.Friends/Partners in Aviation WeatherJuly 13, 2017
Introduce (Reintroduce) Myself
1990 – 2000 Various JointFAA/Industry GeneralAviation (GA) safety, technology development, training enhancement programs2000-2007 FPAWmember: Subject Matter Expert on data link and displays of traffic and weather, wake turbulence, and weather related FAA programs inAlaskasand CONUS2007 – 2016 Cirrus China Country Manager, 5 years Live in China and manage engineering support and production programs.9 years Transmit US-FAA GA infrastructure development and safety regulation methods to China Aviation Industry and Civil Aviation Agency of China (CAAC) -- support increased US aviation exports: Infrastructure – physical and policy, airspace, airports. FBOs, FSS,Co-Leader of Cirrus Jet program, Director Flight TrainingCenters, internationalChairman, General Aviation/Business Aviation Committee, ofUS-China Aviation Cooperation Program (ACP) (all US aerospace companies active in China).Head of Cirrus China office, Government Affairs and International Cooperation, Manager of China production programs. Cirrusbouthtby China State Owned Enterprise in 2011In China – Aviation is Government, and Government is Politics, back stage Partycontr
FPAW Members China Connections Discussion
Work with China Weather Providers? Chinese Airlines MetDepts?Work in US with Chinese?Visit/Work in China? Live in China?Joint US-China Weather WorkMy Initial Weather work with ChinaMeetings in US and China discuss: FPAW, AvWxReqts, NCAR, MITLL, etc.Hong Kong Observatory visits; best weather in China – but PRC not follow HKMy Observatory App – friends on the way right now HK to ORDIncluded in ACP GA/BA Reports to CAACOnly a little real FSSdevelopment – but GA not fortransportationLittle Charter (too manyGulfstreams), too much noiseFlight tourism only economically sound area of GA, some float plane operationsNot really wanted by CAAC because not wanted by top political leaders
Methods to Support China GA Development
Five Reports, funded by US Trade Development Agency, answering questions of CAAC and providing info US industry deemed criticalEach report prepared over two years -- $3.5MM TDA + member workGeneral Aviation/Business Aviation Committee Co-Chairs: Cirrus, Textron, Honeywell, Gulfstream.Host several groups of CAAC leaders site visits to US: DC, NYC, AlaskaUS Company training events in China and the US
China Aviation Real Priorities
Follow the leaders,different priorities, apply Resources and PolicyCAAC Administrators look toCPC leaders: HuJintao,Li Keqiang, XiJinpingNo.1 goal of PRC – Make China Great Again,the worldleader, displace the US.Major Programs: Top Leader PrioritiesAsia Infrastructure bank to supplant IMF/WBOne Belt one Road – to everywhere but the US – to neutralize US NavySouth China Sea – a Chinese lake – Chinese Monroe Doctrine – Dragon 600Made in China 2025 – Manufacturing 3.0C919 – to supplant B737 and A320 – Global Leadership Requires ThisAlready own or JV with many US GA companies to get IPAirline Weather for flow control is important to reduce delays
A Tale of Two Bad-WeatherFlights
Flight 1: A almost to destination B, turns back almost to A, turs back almost to B, but …. fuel emergency, Cabin Crew andPax, landing at B.Flight 2: A to precautionary landing at B, Flight Crew andPax, then on to destination C.Which one was:US piston engine airline: 1930sChina turboprop airline: 1990sChinese / American Cultural Characteristics
Working – Negotiating with Chinese
Know your adversary and Know yourselfStraw Ships Borrow ArrowsIts ChinaIts ComplicatedDon’t believe anything unless you see it yourself– more than once.
Rip Van Winkle Back in the US
Half the people are retired or deadBut only a quarter of the projects are completedThe FAA is still the FAATop priority is still …… the FAAStill people who care about aviationMake enough progress to avoid disaster (safety, capacity or efficiency)Another generational changeNo one is in their officeFPAW is still here…. Generational Change??
Is this the future: User Fees?





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General Aviation & Weather in China -