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Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) Review and Update

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National Logistics Subcommittee
We are in the process of forming as a Subcommittee
Past History
There used to be a Logistics CommitteeThe Committee eventually went away as it was not too active towards the end
Why form a Logistics Committee?
We get a great deal of issues coming up that affect all of usA Logistics Committee can take input from other NWCG Committees and get feedback from our membership and the committee itselfTraining CommitteeIncident Business Committeeetc
Why form a Logistics Committee?
This will give us a stronger voice in the fire management and support realmWe will get support from NWCG to revamp and modernize our National Logistics WebsiteOur assistance will help the other committees be more responsive and effective
Why Become a Subcommittee?
There are already a large number of NWCG CommitteesWe decided that there were no advantages over being a separate committeeWe thought the best place to be was under the Equipment and Technology Committee
NWCG has decided to assign a webmaster to help get our website up to snuffWe probably haven’t had a fully functional website for several yearsWe can root out the outdated material and get out current informationTim Blake will cover more on this
Who are the Committee Members?
Currently I am the Co-Chair along with Jim StarlingMembership will be flexible and based more on what the members bring to the tableNWCG affiliation is not the determining factorWe want members to be actively engaged
Who are the Committee Members?
Dave Haston- advisory role/liaison to ETCJane Arteaga- BLMWill May- IAFCJeff Soule- FEMAOther Participants
Other Breaking News Regarding the Committee
Might look at ways to update and manage our mailing listProbably need to develop some plans on sustainabilityBrent Spencer just leftWe want to thank NWCG for their sponsorship
Other Breaking News Regarding the Committee
Let me or other Committee Member know if you are interested in participatingThanks you your interest and supportWe are here for you!!!
My Contact Information
Martin MaricleAlaska- DNR Division of ForestryState Fire Support ForesterEmail - [email protected] phone- 907-590-3689





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Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) Review and Update