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Booking your space with Virtual EMS

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How to requestspace for your meeting/event with the EMSWebApp
Vermont Tech Conference & Events
The Basics
EMSWebApphas replaced VEMS (Virtual Event Management System). This is the software Vermont Tech (and the VSC) is using for room and event scheduling.This tutorial is designed to teach Vermont Tech users how to request a space on the Williston Campus.Space requested throughthe EMSWebAppMUST be requested a minimum of 24 hours in advance.If your needs are more urgent, please contact Donna Teasdale 78900Inaddition to checkingthe EMSWebApp,you can also view non-academic course eventsalready scheduled onthe Master Calendar
Step 1
Use the Firefox browser, as others may not work properlyCopy and Paste the URL into Firefox: “Log In”. You will be prompted to log-in if you if you are not already in the portal.Log in with your usual VTC credentials. Your screen should look like this after you have logged-in:
Using Virtual EMS
Step 2 –Choose a room
Click on “Create a Reservation” in upper left cornerClick on “Book Now” in upper right cornerSet your parameters :Set the date for your requestSet a recurrence if applicableSet the time you need the roomUnderLocations,if it does not list VTC Williston, click on Add/remove next to locationsChoose “VTC Blair Park” from the list, click “Update Locations”Click the blue “Search Button” if necessary
Using Virtual EMS
Step 2 – continued
All spaces that meet the criteria you set will be shown in the list.If there is gray in the space/room you want, that means it is unavailable during the time it is grayed out.Click on the “+” button for the room you wantEnter the # of people and setup type (use standard/as is if you are unsure)Click on add room – your room will show up on top under “Selected Rooms”If you have made a mistake, you can click on the “-” sign to remove the room and pick a different roomClick on the blue “Next Step” button in the upper right cornerYou will receive a message that says “your selected rooms and dates do not allow for additional services. You can ignore this message.Click on the blue “Next Step” button in the upper right corner
Using Virtual EMS
Step 4 – complete event info
Enter the event nameEnter the event typeLeave Department as VTC-Institutional Support.Find your name from the list under 1stContact. If you want someone else to be the contact use their name, or put in temporary contact and type in the name, phone and e-mail.In the box under “Event Description for Calendar” type in a description if you want anything to display on the web events calendar.Click the green “Create Reservation” button on the bottom right.
Using Virtual EMS
Changes to a reservation
If you want to change your reservation before it has been approved, log back in, and go to My Events in the upper left of the screen.Click on your booking, then click on the penciliconChange your parameters, then click on UpdateBooking ORUnder My Events click on “Booking Tools”Choose what you want to change and make adjustmentsIf you want to cancel a reservation, log back in and go to My Events in the upper left of the screenClick on your booking, then click oncancel BookingsSelect the booking you want to cancelClick on the blue “Cancel selected Bookings” buttonIf a reservation has been denied, it will not appear in your list
Using Virtual EMS
Confirmation of request
If there are any questions about your request, you will be contacted directly.If there is a problem or conflict, your request will be denied and you will receive a e-mail confirmation from Donna Teasdale listing the event as (Denied)If there are no issues, your request will be approved and you will receive an e-mail confirmation from Donna Teasdale.Questions about using the EMSWebAppshould be directed to Hilary [email protected] x71794.
Using Virtual EMS





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Booking your space with Virtual EMS