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Sunday is the first day in thearabicsystem (YawmulAhad).Again, Imam (as) starts with theHamd(praise) of Allah (swt).BISMILLAHI LLADHEE LAA ARJOO ILLAA FADHLAHIn the name of Allah, I do not hope except hisfadhl/excess (grace)Fadhlis derived fromFaadhilWALAA AKHSHAA ILLAA A’DLAHAnd I do not fear, except his justiceBecause his justice is the one which will hold me accountable for every breath of mine in this world, that he has given.
There was this scholar who was very pious, and always used to say “ILAAHEE, AÁMILNEE BI A’DLIK”., meaning O Allah, deal with me with your justice…One day, he was doing somereasearch, and a mosquito passed by near the light from which he was working…unintentionally, he poked the mosquito, and started playing with it, and eventually killed it…that night when he went to sleep, he dreamt that it was the day of Judgement, and that he was being dragged towards the fire of hell…seeing this he said again, “O Allah, deal with me with your justice…”. At this point, Allah replied, yes, I am dealing with u with my justice,bczof that mosquito which u had killed….hearing this, the man then said “ILAAHEE, AÁMILNEE BI A’FWIKA, WALAA TUA’MILNEE BI A’DLIK”., meaning O Allah, deal with me with your generosity, and not your justice….
Justimagine…he was a scholar and a pious and god-fearing person, and yethe couldn’t face the justice of Allah..what about us????
Many people are kept in trials, foregImam Hussein (as), but yet he still keeps patient and gives sacrifices for the pleasure of Allah (swt)If a person says that he is amo’min, then he should get ready to be testedJust take an example, that all of us are goats, and our shepherd is Allah (swt), and we are on a cliff…there will be goats who would want to jump off the cliff, but the shepherd pulls it with the rope…similarly, Allah (swt) loves us and doesn’t want us to jump off the cliff, and that is why he holds on to us by giving us tests, etcAnd that is why Allah (swt) has said, “Remember me in easiness….I will mention you in hardships”.
WALAA A’TAMIDU ILLAA QAWLAH- And I do not rely on anyone else’s words except His/ Whatever he says, I rely on Him.WALAA AMSIKU ILLAA BIHABLIH – And the one to whom I hold onto (his rope)…..(and the rope of Allah are the Quran andAhlulbayt–hadeethethaqalayn)BIKA ASTAJEEROO – O Allah, I seek closeness to you…YAA DHAL A’FWI WAR RIDHWAAN – O the one who is of Pardon and Pleasure…
MINADH DHULMI WAL U’DWAAN – From the oppression and animosity/hostility…So, whosedhulmandu’dwaanis being mentioned? There are two probabilities:-1. It could be thedhulmof theNafs, and having animosity with the believers. Or2. It could be thedhulmof the Oppressors/tyrants..So the Imam (as) is saying that O Allah, only you are my protector, and my allegiance is only with you O my lord
WA MIN GHIYARI ZAMAAN – And from the changes of the timeNow,Ghiyaris from change….good to bad, or bad to good, etc…But now, for e.g. if someone goes from good time to bad time, and then asks or recited thisdua, it is understandable…but the Imam also says that he seeks Allah's protection, even if the time changes from bad to good…why is this so?This is because after a person has got Allah's bounties, he might forget the remembrance of Allah (swt), and go astray. So, Imam (as) is asking for Allah’s protection in both times….good and bad….
WA TAWAATURIL AHZAAN – And the consistency of the sorrows…Because if the bad times continue, then people might fall off the edge/slip, and stop their belief in Allah (swt).WA TAWAARUQIL HADATHAAN – And the course of EventsHadath– event;Hadathaan– eventsSo why is Imam (as) asking for Allah's protection from such events after events? This is because if one event follows another simultaneously, it causes confusion, trouble, and distraction, and makes you less connected to Allah (swt), and distracts you from worship
WA MININ QIDHAA –IL- MUDDAH – And the passing of my time (in this world)..QABLA AN TA-AHHUBI WAL U’DDAH – Before I am prepared, and before I am equipped with enough resources….
DUA OF SUJOODALLAHUMMAR ZUQNAA ATTAJAAFEÁ A’N DAARIL GHUROOR….WAL INAABATAA ILAA DAARIL KHULOOD…WAL ISTI’DAADA LIL MAWT, QABLA HULOOLIL FAWTO Allah,give us avoidance from theplacewhich isfilledwithdeception;and closeness to the place of eternity, and preparation for death before the timepasses….
IYYAAKA ASTARSHIDU – I Seek guidance/wisdom from you…LIMAA FEEHIS SWALAAH WAL ISLAAH – In whatever is good, and brings improvement/whatever improves…Counselling is a good habit, but people have some imperfections in them….So Imam is saying, that O Allah, I only want to seek the direction from you, and you alone….Allah's direction comes through several ways, one is direct (e.g. revelation, inspiration, true dreams, etc), and the other is indirect (e.g. from the mouth of a true believer, who is an expert in that field).
WA BIKA ASTAÉEN – And to You I seek help,FEEMAA YAQTARINU BIHIN NAJAAH WAL INJAAH – And whatever associates the success, and bringing/causing the success
WA IYYAAKA ARGHAB FEE LIBAASIL AÁFIYAH WA TAMAAMIHAA – You only I desire from, the garment of pardon/amnesty, and complete well being…WASHUMOOLIS SALAAMA WADAWAAMIHAA – And complete peace/security continuously…And then he asks for protection :-WA AUÓODHUBIKA YA RABBEE, MIN HAMAZAATISH SHAYATWEEN – And I seek refuge to you O my Lord, from the whispers of theShaitaan/ whispering of theshaitan.WA AHTARIZU BISULTWAANIKA MIN JAWRIS SALATEEN – And I seek protection (hirz) of/with your kingdom, from the evil/tyranny of the Kings (of the world)
FATAQABBAL MAA KAANA MIN SWALAATI WA SAWMI – Accept whatever was offered by me, from my prayers and fasts,WAJ’AL GHADEE WA MAA BA’DAHOO AFDHALA MIN SAA’ATEE WA YAWMEE – And make my tomorrow, and whatever comes after it, better than my hour (this hour) and day…There is ahadithfrom one of the Infallibles (as), which states, that ‘Whomsoever’s two days are the same…then he is ignorant’….This shows us that if we have done some good deeds today, then our good deeds of tomorrow should be better…and our bad deeds should decrease day by day…and this is how we will gain closeness to Allah (swt)
WA A’IZZANEE FEE A’SHEERATEE WA QAWMEE – And make me respected in my tribe and my peopleWAHFADHNEE FEE YAQADHATEE WA NAWMEE – And keep me secured in my state of being awake and my sleep…FA ANTA ALLAHU KHAYRAN HAAFIZAN – For you are Allah, the best of protectors..WA ANTA ARHAMUR RAHIMEEN – And you are the most merciful of those who show mercy….
ALLAHUMMA INNEE ABRA-U- ILAYKA FEE YAWMEE HADHAA WA MAA BA’DAHOO – O Allah, I am seeking freedom/innocencyto you, from the circles of this day and the coming days,MINAL AA’HAAD MINASHIRKI WAL ILHAAD – From shirk (polytheism) and atheism,WA UKHLISU LAKA DUA’EE – And I offer myduain sincerity to you,TA’ARRUDHAN LIL IJAABAH – To be acceptable / responded
WA UQEEMU A’LAA TWAA’ATIKA – And I continuously serve/obey youRAJAA –AN LIL ITHAABAH – Seeking thethawaabNow,thawaabhere is not necessarily reward…because theAimmah(as) do not want the reward that we want….Thethawaabthat Imam (as) is talking about here,is the pleasure of Allah (swt)
FASWALLI A’LAA MUHAMMADIN KHAYRI KHALQIK – And send your blessings on Mohammed, the best of your creationAD – DAA’EE ILAA HAQQIK – The one who calls towards your rights,WA AI’ZZANEE BI –I’ZZIKALLADHEE LAA YUDHWAAM – And give me honour, through your might which never goes away,WAHFADHNEE BIA’YNIKALLATEE LAA TANAAM – And secure me by your eyes (i.e. sight) which never sleeps (i.e. which never becomes heedless)
WAKHTIM BIL INQITWAAI ILAYKA AMREE – And let my end be towards your command, totally…WABIL MAGHFIRATEE U’MREE – And my life with your forgiveness,INNAKA ANTAL GHAFOORUR RAHEEM – For verily, you are the most forgiving, the most merciful.





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