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Sustainable Development of Environment_ Evidence from …

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Sustainable Development of Environment: Evidence from SikhReligion –Celebrating GuruHarRaiJi
Q: Where does God Reside?Ans:In the creation
BalihariKudratvasiateraanthnajayilakhiyaGodresides in nature or environment and it is notpossibleto fathom your end (SGGJ, p. 469)Apinehapsajioapinehrachinao.Self(God) created self. Self assumed a Name.Duyikudratsajiaykarasaṇdithochao.Second, fashioned theKudrat(creation - natureandenvironment); seated withinKudrat, beholdsitwith delight.
Natural Elements are Respected
PavanGurooPaaneePitaaMaataaDharatMahatAiris Guru, Water is father, and vast earthismother (SGGJ, p. 8).Pauṇpaṇiḏẖarṯiakasgẖarmanḏarharbani.Air, water, earth and sky - the Lord has made these home and templevicẖvarṯaiNanakapjẖuṯẖkahokiaganiGod is pervading everywhere, O Nanak. Tell me: what can be counted as false? (SGGJ, p. 723)
Important PrincipleAs one sows, so will one Reap
Therefore, it is in the interest of everybody that no harm is done to anything in theuniverse.It isthis context that many Sikhs prefer vegetarian diet, as prescribed in community Kitchen orGurukaLangar, served in everyGurudwaraor a Sikh Temple.
No Exploitation Please
Plan on a LongTermBasis
Nature and Compositions in SGGS
Some Cosmic Compositions
New Cities by Sikh Gurus
SabhaySajhevaalSadainToonhKisaiNaDisehBahraJio–Allare known partners; you are not seen Outside of anyone, O!Lovable(SGGJ, p.97).THANK YOU





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Sustainable Development of Environment_ Evidence from …