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City of New OrleansNovember 4, 2010
Introductions and welcomeCustomer ServiceInspectionsHearingsAbatementDisposition
Introductions and Welcome
On September 30, Mayor Landrieu announced his blight strategy, which pledges to reduce blighted properties by 10,000 in three yearsThe blight strategy prioritizes code enforcement and code lien sales (Sheriff’s sales) as City’s key tool to police blighted homes, compel property owners to rehabilitate their properties, remediate blighted conditions, and foreclose and sell those properties that remain blightedBlightStatwill bethe principle vehicle that the City will use manageand monitor the implementation of the Mayor Landrieu’s blight eradicationstrategy, and reportprogress tothe publicIn these meetings, senior staff will meet with front-line department heads and program managers to discuss progress in meeting goals through the analysis of performance metricsThese are working meetings, intended to provoke constructive dialogue on what’s working, what’s not, and what the City needs to do to improveBlightStatwill be one of several “NOLAStat” initiatives Mayor Landrieu will use to improve performance, accountability, and transparency in citygovernment
Customer Service - Code Enforcement
A total of a $788,925 in code violation fines have been levied since October 1, 2010
Abatement – Code Enforcement and Environmental Health
Sheriff Sale Review
LLT Property Disposition - NORA





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