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BM 122 6--Alma 39-42

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BM 122 6—Alma 38-42
Rank the sins 1-8, with 1 being the most grievous
Drinking beerFornication (sexual transgressions)Kicking puppiesMurderEating way too much atCraigo’sStealing a carDenying the Holy GhostPushing an old lady down
Alma 39:5-6
The three most serious sins:1. Denying the Holy Ghost (unpardonable—6)2. Murder (not easy to obtain forgiveness—6)3. Sexual transgressions (most abominable save #1 and #2— verse 5) Why?
Procreation & The Plan
“The power of creation—or may we say procreation—is not just an incidental part of the plan: it is essentialto it. Without it the plan could not proceed. The misuseof it may disrupt the plan.“Much of the happiness that may come to you in thislife will depend on how you use this sacred power ofcreation” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1972, 136–37; orEnsign, July 1972, 111).
Why is it such a serious sin?
“In matters ofhuman intimacy, you must wait! You must wait until youcangiveeverything, and you cannot give everythinguntil youare legally and lawfully married. To giveillicitly thatwhich is not yours to give (remember, ‘youare notyour own’ [1 Corinthians 6:19]) and to giveonly partof that which cannot be followed with the giftof yourwhole self is emotional Russian roulette. Ifyou persistin pursuing physical satisfaction withoutthe sanctionof heaven, you run the terrible risk of suchspiritual, psychic damage that you may underminebothyourlonging for physical intimacyand your abilitytogivewholehearted devotion to a later, truer love.You maycome to that truer moment of ordained love,of realunion, only to discover to your horror thatwhat youshould have saved you have spent, and thatonly God’sgrace can recover the piecemeal dissipationof thevirtue you so casually gave away. On yourwedding daythe very best gift you can give youreternal companionis your very best self—clean and pureand worthyof such purity in return”(Jeffrey R. Holland,Conference Report, Oct. 1998, 100; orEnsign, Nov. 1998, 76–77).
Another Reason It’s So Serious
“In exploiting the body of another—whichmeans exploitinghis or her soul—one desecratesthe Atonementof Christ, which saved that soul andwhich makespossible the gift of eternal life. And whenone mocksthe Son of Righteousness, one steps into arealm ofheat hotter and holier than the noonday sun.You cannotdo so and not be burned.“Please, never say: ‘Who does it hurt? Why nota littlefreedom? I can transgress now and repent later.’ Pleasedon’t be so foolish and so cruel. Youcannot withimpunity ‘crucify Christ afresh’ [see Hebrews 6:6]. ‘Flee fornication’ [1 Corinthians 6:18], Paul cries,and flee‘anything like unto it’ [D&C 59:6; italics added],theDoctrine and Covenants adds. Why? Well, forone reason, because of the incalculable suffering inboth bodyand spirit endured by the Savior of the worldso thatwecould flee. We owe Him something for that.Indeed, we owe Him everything for that. ‘Ye arenot yourown,’ Paul says. ‘Ye [have been] bought witha price: thereforeglorify God in your body, and inyour spirit, which are God’s’ [1 Corinthians 6:19–20;italicsadded]. In sexual transgression the soul is atstake—the bodyand the spirit” (in Conference Report, Oct. 1998, 99–100; orEnsign, Nov. 1998, 76).
Counsel from a Loving Father
Read Alma 38: 12; 39:2-4, 7-15 with a friend, looking for insights into why people fall into sexual immorality and keys for avoiding it.
“Bridle” your passions
Elder Bruce C.Hafenof theSeventy and hiswife Marieexplained thata bridlewas meant to direct, notdestroy, desiresand passions: “Is self-denial wise because somethingis wrongwith our passions, or because somethingis rightwith our passions? Alma taught his son: ‘See thatye bridle all your passions,that ye maybe filled withlove.’ (Alma 38:12; emphasis added.) He didnotsayeliminate or even suppress your passions,butbridlethem—harness, channel, and focus them. Why?Becausediscipline makes possible a richer,deeper love” (The Belonging Heart [1994], 302).
Alma 40-42
On their own, students quickly scan over Alma 40-42.Draw a diagram of the plan of salvation and fillin as much of it as possible using Alma 40-42.
Alma 40-42
On their own, students quickly scan over Alma 40-42. Draw a diagram of the plan of salvation and fill in as much of it as possible using Alma 40-42.Spirit world—Alma 40:6-141stResurrection—Alma 40:16-22Judgment/Restoration—Alma 41Mortality/ Probation—Alma 42:4-The Fall—Alma 42:2-11Atonement—Alma 42:15Happiness—Alma 41:10-12; 42:8, 16Mercy—Alma 42:13-25Repentance—Alma 42:13, 16Law—Alma 42:17-22Now, looking at these chapters through the eyes of a parent of a wayward child/or through the eyes of the wayward child, what doctrines and teachings do you find that would “worry your mind” (40:1; 41:1; 42:1)? Why?
Where is the Spirit world?
“When you laydown thistabernacle, where are you going? Into thespiritual world. Are you going into Abraham’s bosom? No,not anywherenigh there but into the spirit world. Whereis thespirit world? It is right here. Do the good andevil spiritsgo together? Yes, they do. Do they bothinhabit onekingdom? Yes, they do. Do they go to the sun? No. Dothey go beyond the boundaries of theorganized earth? No, they do not. They are brought forth uponthis earth” (Discourses of Brigham Young, sel. John A.Widtsoe[1954], 376).
Second Death
“The scriptures sometimesspeak of salvation from the second death. The seconddeath is the final spiritual death—being cut off fromrighteousness and denied a place in any kingdom ofglory (see Alma 12:32; D&C 88:24). This second deathwill not come until the Final Judgment, and it willcome to very few (see D&C 76:31–37). Almost everyperson who has ever lived on the earth is assuredsalvation from the second death (see D&C 76:40–45)”(True to the Faith, 153).
The Order of the Resurrection
“At the time of the [second] coming of Christ, ‘They whohave slept in their graves shall come forth,for theirgraves shall be opened; and they also shallbe caughtup to meet him in the midst of the pillarof heaven— They are Christ’s, the first fruits, theywho shalldescend with him first, and they who are onthe earthand in their graves, who are first caught upto meethim; and all this by the voice of the soundingof thetrump of the angel of God’ [D&C 88:97–98].These arethe just, ‘whose names are written in heaven,where Godand Christ are the judge of all. These are theywho arejust men made perfect through Jesus themediator ofthe new covenant, who wrought out this perfectatonement through the shedding of his own blood’ [D&C 76:68–69].“Following this great event, and after the Lordand therighteous who are caught up to meet him havedescended upon the earth, there will come topass anotherresurrection. This may be considered as a partof the first, although it comes later. In thisresurrection willcome forth those of the terrestrial order, who werenot worthy to be caught up to meet him, but whoare worthyto come forth to enjoy the millennial reign”(Doctrines of Salvation, comp. Bruce R.McConkie,3vols. [1954–56], 2:295–97).“Those coming forthin themorning of this resurrection do so withcelestial bodiesand shall inherit a celestial glory; theseare theywho are Christ’s thefirstfruits. Thosecoming forthin the afternoon of this resurrection do sowith terrestrialbodies and consequently shall inheritthat kingdom; they are described as being Christ’s at thiscoming. All who have been resurrected so farhave receivedcelestial bodies; the coming forth ofterrestrial beingsdoes not commence until after theSecond Coming. (D.&C. 76:50–80; 88:95–99.)” (DoctrinalNew TestamentCommentary, 3 vols. [1971–73], 1:196).





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BM 122 6--Alma 39-42