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802.1Qcj D1.0 Status -

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802.1Qcj D1.0 Status
Paul UnbehagenBig Switch NetworksScott FincherExtreme Networks
Commenting Statistics
8 Approved3 Disapproved33 Abstained44 total voted
IEEE 802.1Qcj / D0.4 Status Update
Status – D1.0
TLV use description needs refinementAuto Attach State Machine to be addedState Machine description to be addedUpdate of normative language
IEEE 802.1Qcj / D0.4 Status Update
Comment Summary
Shall/Should/May18,29,43,46,53Total:5Editorial notes3,11,24,25,30,31, 40,54Total:7MIB’s (& Yang)5,34,36,37,39,59Total:6Normative TermsRequester/Grantor/Element/System4,16,17,19,20,23,48Total:7State Machine41,42, 44,55, 56,103Total:3HMAC13,112,113,114,115,116Total:6
MIB & Yang
MIB and Yang models are complete, but need editorial assistance.MIB having some compile issues, expertise from a MIB Dr neededYang structure forQcjis written, but needYangstershelp to make sure its properly used in the IEEE YANG tree structure.
Auto Attach terms – D1.0
Current Semantics areAuto Attach “Registrar” (AAR) = PBB BEBAuto Attach “Device” (AAD) = non-PBB network device (bridge or end-station)Comments 16,19,20 address whether system or element is the proper termNormative terms from 802.1Q, 802.1AB, and 802.1CSSYSTEM: System(s) is used inQ(968 instances),AB(462 instances) andCS(356 instances). A System is described as a Bridge or End Station.ELEMENT: Element(s) is used inQ(193 instances),AB(13 instances) andCS(2 instances). An Element is described as a management element, information, application function or within a software system.END STATION:End Station is used inQ(567 instances),AB(6 instances) andCS(5 instances). An End Station is described as:a functional unit in an IEEE 802 network that acts as a source of, and/or destination for, link layer data traffic carried on the network.APPLICANT: Applicant is used inQ(157 instances),AB(0 instances) andCS(135 instances). An Applicant is described as:The applicant controls a database that the Link-local Registration Protocol replicates to the registrar in the neighbor Portal.REGISTRAR: Registrar is used inQ(114 instances),AB(0 instances) andCS(94 instances). An Registrar is described as:The registrar receives the copy of the database that the Link-local Registration Protocol replicates from the applicant in the neighbor Portal.
IEEE 802.1Qcj / D1.0 Status Update
Auto Attach terms (2) – D1.0
Options for consideration:Auto Attach Registrar = PBB BEBAuto Attach BEBAuto Attach Grantor (PB comment #20)Auto Attach ApplicantAuto Attach “Device” = bridge or end-stationAuto Attach RequestorAuto Attach Registrar?Editor suggestion is to useAuto Attach BEB (AAB) instead of AARthe PBB BEB that advertises itself as such and also manages ISID/VLAN Binding table for all attached AAD’sAuto Attach Device (AAD)the non-PBB Bridge or End Station that advertises itself as such and uses LLDPDUs to request I-SID / VLAN assignmentsRename AA Element to AA System
IEEE 802.1Qcj / D1.0 Status Update
State Machine
Propose update text to include state machine diagramPropose using the LLDP state machine to provide starting point forQcjState machine802.1AB Clause 9.2.8 or 9.2.9?This may reduce the amount of text needed to describeQcjoperation
Does the group align with Algorithm concept? (#112)Does consolidation of digest to 16 octets add enough value to change TLV? (#113)
Comment resolution at this meeting.Full working group ballot for next draft.PAR extension





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802.1Qcj D1.0 Status -