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7th Grade Bellringers -

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7thGrade Bellringers
Mrs. Goble2013-2014
Warm-up #1:
Fix the following sentence to include stronger persuasive language:Studentsshould practice writing everyday because it will help them.
Warm-up #2:
Fix the following sentence to include stronger persuasive language:Volunteerhours are a necessity in middle school.
Warm-up #3:
Identifying Claim:Instructions– Explain why each statement is not a good claim. Then rewrite one of the statements with a well-written claim.Statements–The Mexican grizzly bear went extinct in the 1960s.I wish I could have seen a Mexican grizzly bear.A Russian, Yuri Gagarin, was the first human to travel in outer space.I think Yuri Gagarin was very brave.
Warm-up #4:
Instructions:Write two claims that would fit at the end of the following paragraph. One claim should argue in favor of keeping art and music classes. The other claim should argue in favor of focusing more on reading, writing, and math.Paragraph– The three r’s, “reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic,” have been the core of education in the United States since the 1800s. In recent years, parents and teachers have been concerned about how well students are learning these basic skills. Out of this concern, many schools have dropped art and music classes so that students can spend more time learning to read, to write, and to do math.
Warm-up #5:
Instructions– In the following paragraph, underlineoneexample of evidence. Place parenthesis around one example of a reason.Paragraph– Our school should start a program to encourage students to help elderly people own pets. This would help the elderly and the students. The elderly would be healthier. Researchers found that senior citizens with pets go to the doctor 30 percent less often than do those who are without pets. Young people would develop a friendship with someone who is part of an earlier generation. One result of this friendship is that students would appreciate how much the world has improved since the “good old days”.
Warm-up #6:
Instructions:Read the source and answer the question that follows.Source 1:Record high tides inundate West Coast, hinting rough future of flooding as climate change boost sealevel.More than 100 homes in west Seattle were hammered Monday. With sea levels on the rise worldwide, officials are grappling with the question of how to combat the every-encroaching waters.Question:Which answer best explains the meaning of“inundate”?a. topredict the eventsb. todestroy completelyc. tocover with waterd. toconfront a problem
Warm-up 7:
Instructions:The following paragraph is adapted from the student model. Find the sentences thatare in 1stpointof view and then rewrite itin 3rdpointof view.Paragraph:Four days after the storm, I drove to Staten Island from my house in New Jersey to see some people I know. When I got there, the street was about ten feet shorter. A fire hydrant dangled by its pipe in empty air, pieces of pavement crumbled downward, the traffic barrier anda signsaying “End” had washed away.
Warm-up #8:
Instructions:Edit the paragraph for mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation by rewriting it correctly.Paragraph:Floding on the Missisippi river is becoming a bigger problem? According to Robert Criss a professor of Earth and planetary sciences at Washington University in Saint Louis. Sceinetist are studying the data about flood and climate change to help them predit what will happen in the future.
Warm-up #9:
Making a Thesis Statement PreciseInstructions: Rewrite the two thesis statements to make them more precise.Some movies say something about trends today.The series of books about Harry Potter show how he and his friends change.
Warm-up #10:
Writing Supporting Details for a ThesisStatementInstructions:Write two good supporting details for this thesis statement.Thesis Statement– Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz, discovers the value of loyal friends and a loving family.
Warm-up #11:
Instructions:Read the thesis statement and decide which details are directly related to the thesis statement and explain why.Thesis statement:In the United States, the percentage of the population legally allowed to vote has increased since 1788.Possible supporting details:In the early days of the United States, several states allowed only people who owned property to vote.Four presidents have been elected even though they did not win the popular vote.
Warm-up #12:
Writing SupportingDetailsInstructions:Write three good supporting details you might use to support this thesis statement.Thesis statement:Eating at fast food restaurants often causes health issues.
Warm-up #13:
Instructions:Read the following text and write a summary of it.Text :Early in the morning of April 12, 1961, 27-year-old Soviet Air Force cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin boarded a small bus for the Launchpad. Just over two hours remained until the Soviet Union would attempt to launch Vostok 1 and make Major Gagarin the first man in outer space. Gagarin was nervous about his momentous – and perilous - journey, he did not show it. Like other cosmonauts and astronauts who would follow him into space, Gagarin faced the great unknown that lay before him with equanimity and a sense of humor. During the bus ride to the launch site, he was keeping the physicians, technicians, military officers, and fellow cosmonauts who accompanied him from becoming too somber and worried.
Warm-up #14:
Instructions:Locate the misplaced modifier and move it to the correct part of the sentence.Sentences:The teacher gave the popcorn to the children without butter or salt.Drinking a soda, the gorilla watched Tim.I only yelled at Joe.
Warm-up #15:
Instructions:In the prompt below,underline thekey words that tell you what to do.Prompt:Asthma is a common condition marked by difficulty breathing. Write an informative essay in which you describe asthma and its possible causes. Use evidence from the text provided.
Warm-up #16:
Instructions:Using the prompt below, write down some key ideas you will want to include in your essay.Prompt:Asthma is a common condition marked by difficulty breathing. Write an informative essay in which you describe asthma and its possible causes. Use evidence from the text provided.
Warm-up #17:
Instructions:Based on your notes from the previousbellringer, write a thesis statement for your paper. A thesis statement should guide the ideas you include in the body of your paper.Prompt:Asthma is a common condition marked by difficulty breathing. Write an informative essay in which you describe asthma and its possible causes.Use evidence from the text provided.
Warm-up #18:
Instructions:Indicate whether each passage is written in the first person or the third person.Write one or more clue words that you used to make your choice.Passages:I didn’t care for her. She was a snob and I disliked her.She flicked her wrist neatly out of Doctor Harry’s pudgy careful fingers.Carla hated that her mother expected her to follow in her sister’s footsteps.I never experienced such love as when I met Edward.
Warm-up #19:
Instructions:Underline two examples of dialogue and place parenthesis around three examples of description that provide specific details about people, things, or events.Techniques:“dialogue”: consist of words spoken by characters in a story“description”: includes specific details about people, things, and events.Excerpt:“Please,” I whispered as I ran, “please don’t let the Nazis get there first!”Then just a few feet away, I saw the clearing, I was right! This was exactly where the pilot had bailed out! His parachute was caught on the branches of a tree.I have to get that down, I thought. There whiteness of it is like a light, leading the Nazis right to this spot. Suddenly I froze in my tracks. I covered my eyes with both hands. A pencil-thin light was shining directly into my eyes. I heard a gun being cocked. My stomach turned over in fear.Then I heard a surprised gasp. “You’re just a kid!”
Warm-up #20:
Instructions:For each general words, write two words or phrases that are more precise (vivid words).General words:ColdLaughedBig
Warm-up #21
Instructions:Make each sentence more descriptive by using precise words and phrasesSentences:I was tiredThe man looked odd.The room made me uncomfortable.
Warm-up #22:
Instructions:Rewrite the following paragraph using more precise words and phrases.Paragraph:My new school was large. The original building had been added onto many times. The hallways were hard to follow.I could not find my way around easily at first.
Warm-up 23:
Develop solutions to the various problems the homeowners of Lake Windsorare facing.
Warm-up 24:
Instructions:Underline four transition words in this paragraph.Paragraph– The offer was tempting. I wanted to go to a movie. Specifically, I wanted to see Car Wars. In addition, I wanted to see my friends. I had not seen them in two weeks. However, I had to finish my homework.Itwasn’t going todo itself. Finally, I decided to stay home. The movie would have to wait.
Warm-up #25:
Instructions:Write a narrative paragraph. Use at least four of the transition words from the list below to make your writing coherent.Transition Words:Additional Information: in addition; furthermore; moreover; as wellExample: for example; for instance; specifically; namelyComparison: similarly; in the same way; likewise; coincidentallyContrast: however; nevertheless; in contrast; on the other handChronology: before; meanwhile; at the same time; prior; then; later; soonResult: thus; therefore; as a result; consequentlySummary: finally; in conclusion; hence; to summarize





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7th Grade Bellringers -