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Wake Up Responsemode to WURframe
IEEE 802.11baspec shall define a mechanism to wake up multiple WUR mode STAs (e.g., multi-user wake-up frame)[1]The AP can send a Trigger Frame in 11ax to solicit response frames from one or more STAs after sending a wake-up packet to the STA(s).IEEE 802.11ba shall define Information Element for WUR capability that include following informationPCRtransition delay from doze state to awake state after receiving wake-up frame at STA sideHow to efficiently wake up WUR STAs and respond to the WUF is discussed in this proposal.
AP should be able to make decision the way for WUR STAs to respond to the WUR packetin PCR inorder to efficiently control the mediumSolicited/ triggeredresponse bythe APUnsolicited response bycontending the medium usingEDCAPCR TransitionDelay should be considered when wake up responsein PCR issolicited by the APAligningawaketimeof WUR STAs with different PCRtransition delaywould be helpful to reduce power consumptionChannel access efficiencyshould be considered when wake up response is unsolicited by contending the medium usingEDCAStagger channel access contention frommultipleWURSTAswhen sending wake up response wouldbehelpful to reduce contention collision
Awake up response mode shall be indicatedA wake up response mode indication is to indicate solicited or unsolicited response modewhen receiving a multicast wake upframeSolicited response mode: An AP will send a frame (eg.trigger frame) to solicit the wake up response(eg. PS-Poll,QoSNull etc.) from the WUR STA(s)Unsolicited response mode: An WUR STA will contend to send a wake up response (eg. PS-Poll,QoSNull etc.)An AP can indicate wake up response mode to an WUR STA through PCR when an WUR STA negotiates WUR operation mode with the APSemi-static wake up response modeCan only be changed when re-negotiating WUR operation modeOne bitinan WUFcan be used fordynamic wakeup response mode indicationOne bit in frame body of WUR packetThe response mode can be changed and indicated per WUR packet
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Awakeup delay informationshall also be indicated:A wake updelay indicationisto indicateforan WUR STAto delay toturn on itsPCRafter receiving itsWUF.Atargettrigger time offset to theaveragePCR transition delay (eg.10ms)afterreceiving an WUF if the WURisindicated to be solicited by AP’s trigger to send the wake up responseA delay window to for a WUR STA to randomly select a delay time after receiving an WUF ifWURSTAisindicated to contend the medium to sendthe wake upresponseAnAPcan indicate wake updelay information toan WUR STA through PCR when an WUR STA negotiates WUR operation mode with the APeg. Value “00” means no extra delay;eg. value “01” mean 0.5ms target trigger time offset toofaverage PCR transitiondelay after receiving the WUF for solicited responseeg. value “01” mean 0.5ms delay time window for unsolicited responseAwake up delay informationcan also be dynamically indicated in the frame body of an WUFcan be changed and indicated per WUR packet
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Example ofwake updelay shown as belowSTA1 and STA2 have PCR transition delay of 10ms indicated in WUR capability elementSTA3andSTA4have PCR transition delay of8msindicated in WUR capability elementSTA1,2,3,4 are indicatedsolicitedresponse mode and 10ms target trigger time(timeoffset set to “0” based on average PCR transition delay of 10ms)STA1 and STA2 turn on their PCR right after receiving the WUFSTA3 and STA4 may turnon their PCR2ms later afterreceiving the WUF
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Wake upresponse modeindicationisproposed to indicate the solicited/unsolicited response to a WUF in PCR.The wake up delay for solicited/unsolicited response is proposed to improve channel access efficiency.We suggest that an AP indicate the wake up response mode and its corresponding wake up delay information in order to have better utilization of the resource and improve WUR STAs’ power efficiency.through PCR or through WUF or both
Do you support adding the following to 11ba SFD?A wake up responsemode and wake up delay informationshall besignaledToindicate solicited or unsolicited response in PCR to a wake uppacketTo indicate target trigger time offset / wake up delay windowY:N:A:
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Do you support adding the following to 11ba SFD?A wake up responsemode and wake up delay informationshall be signaledthroughOption 1: WUR mode negotiationOption 2: frame body field in a WUR packetOption 3:Both WUR mode negotiationand framebody field in a WUR packetY:N:A:
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[1] 11-17/0575r9 “spec framework”, Po-kaiHuang[2] 11-17/1359r0 “considerations forwurresponse”





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_-Presentation TGaj(11aj)