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Sample Networking Log Name of Contact Reference or ...

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One theory of job-seeking posits that a good portion of the jobs people find and are offered are jobs where they “know someone”
What is Networking?
Networkingis the concept that a job seeker can utilize the people within his or her own personal scope of contacts to effectively search for a job opportunity.Networkinguses your relationships with people as currency to purchase an all-access pass to the people who have the career opportunities you are seeking.Networking is something as simple as maintaining good relationships with people you meet. It doesn’t take much effort.
Why should I Network?
Conservative estimatesare thatas many as 70% of jobs are never posted; it is hard to estimate how many that are posted already havean internal candidateapplying for that job.Networking helps you build professional contacts, job leads, and gain information about career fields or companies of interest to you.
When should I Network?
Start now! Networking should be a life-long activity and small initial investments of time can have big pay-outs.In your free timeOn Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedInOver coffee, in birthday/holiday cards, at parties, at work, during office hours, etc.
How do I Network?
1) First, create a list of people you know. Divide this list into three categories:Friends, family, and close associatesCoworkersand supervisorsAcquaintancesand friends of friends2) Second, eliminate names of people who you haven’t spoken to in a long time, people who you do not hold a positive opinion of or have a good relationship with, and people who would not help you in a job search (like a current boss).
How do I Network?
3) Third, ask yourself who is likely to be able to put you in contact with the kinds of people you need to know. Maybe grandma doesn’t work for the local hospital, but she does know almost everyone in her church so she may know someone who works there and she will probably be willing to put you in contact with that person.4) Next, think about your relationships with the people who are in your top 10 … do they need to be updated or strengthened? This is a good time (before you need a job) to send birthday cards, arrange to meet for lunch, offer to babysit, write an email about what is happening in your life right now, etc.Thesepeople are your friends and relatives so this is simply putting additional effort into developing the already existing relationship you have with them.
How do I Network?
5) Then, arrange a face to face or phone meeting with your contact person to tell them about your job search. Explain your qualifications, your ambitions, your work history/experience in the field, and ask them if they can put you in contact with 2 people in that field/company / department.These conversations typically follow the “Let’s talk about you, let me do you a favor, let’s talk about me, let me ask you for a favor” pattern; so… “Hi Jim, How’s work? Do you still need me to babysit this weekend? Have I told you I’m looking for a job in electronics? Do you know anyone in the industry you can put me in touch with?” would be a 30 second version of this conversation.A person giving you their friends’ or coworkers’ names takestrust, so this is a request not everyone is willing to fulfill for you. This is why it is very important that you are leveraging good solid relationships to get these referrals.
How do I Network?
6) Finally, follow up on the referral and repeat step 5 until you are in contact with someone in the department that you want.Don’tforget to thank everyone who has helped you along the way; thank you cards show good manners(andpeople likethat)so it keeps doors open for future networking.Speaking of future networking… don’t forget to continue to keep your contact updated on your career development as time goes on.One last important thought about networking:Don’tapproach this as a task or as a sale- your contact will feel used; instead keep in mind you are maintaining a relationship with someone you already know and like.
Sample Networking Log
Quality of Reference:1)a name and phone number;2)email introduction;3)phone introduction;4)personal introduction
Sample Networking Map
Uncle Jim
Emily Green
Maria Solis
Ian Harlan
Grace Shi





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Sample Networking Log Name of Contact Reference or ...