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Guidelines for Participation in Knights of Columbus NONPARTISANVoter RegistrationProgram2018
Preliminary Activities
Thank you for volunteering for the Knights of Columbus NONPARTISAN Voter Registration Program!Only takes a commitment of as few as 2 or 3 volunteers from a council or assembly to participate!
Preliminary Activities
Ask for 2 or 3 volunteersCollect name and contact information of those members who will volunteer to staff the tables after each Mass on the designated weekendSubmit volunteer names and contact information to the “Diocesan Coordinator” appointed by the State DeputySet a volunteer schedule for each Mass and review responsibilities with the volunteers,stressing the need to remain non-partisan throughout the process
Preliminary Activities
Know, check, and double-check your state’sdeadlineandlocation/addressto submitcompleted voter registration formsThe U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) provides a website with a map containing hyperlinks to access state election websites that include voter guides,registration information and deadlines, absentee and early voting dates, provisional voting information, and polling place hours andlocationsYoumay access the EAC’swebsite to determine your state’s deadline for registration form submissions at:
Preliminary Activities
Getin touch with the pastorReceive his permission for the driveDiscussdates (preferably in September or early October) and table placement withhim, along withvolunteer responsibilitiesReceivehis permission todisplay posters promoting the Knights of Columbus NONPARTISAN Voter Registration Program
Preliminary Activities
Place posters promoting the Knights of Columbus NONPARTISAN Voter Registration Program at strategic locations around the church approved by the pastorAssemble materials including:Ballpoints pensClipboardsVoter registration formsAbsentee ballot applicationsA sign up sheet for those who may need help getting to the polls on ELECTION DAY, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2018Severallarge manila envelopes that can be clasped shut to protect private information once forms are filled out.
Preliminary Activities
Smooth out logisticsSecure an adequate number of tables that will fit 3 to 6 people each and at least one volunteer per tableDecide on a location; outside is preferredReview logistics with pastor
Prohibited Itemsfor Nonpartisan Voter Registration Drives
Any material that advocates the victory or defeat of a candidate for political office or the victory or defeat of a ballot measure or referendum (i.e. bumper stickers, posters, web videos, etc.)Any clothing, when on display or worn by volunteers, that advocates the victory or defeat of a candidate for political office or the victory or defeat of a ballot measure or referendum (i.e. shirt, ball cap, sticker, pin, etc.)
A Model Voter Registration Program
A council based in Smallville gains the permission of their pastor to setup a table outside after Mass with information on how citizens can register to vote.At the table, volunteer Knights from the council have information on how to get to the polls and a sign up sheet for parishioners who may need a Knight to help them to the polls on Election Day.When parishioners approach the table, Knights ask if they are registered to vote. If not, they ask if they would like to register and provide the form.Knights working the table also check to make sure that parishioners know where their polling place is located and let them sign up for rides to the polls if they need help on Election Day.
Examples of Prohibited Voter Registration Programs
A council based in Springfield sets up a table outside of church after Mass without the pastor’s permission.When parishioners approach the table after Mass, Knights ask if they are registered to vote and encourage parishioners to register so they can go to the polls and defeat Candidate X.When a parishioner requests help to the polls on Election Day, a Brother Knight asks for whom they plan to vote and then only offers assistance to those who will be voting for Candidate Y.The table used by the council is covered in bumper stickers in favor of or against candidates or ballot measures.
Voter Registration Weekend
Important RemindersThe drive may not show bias for any party, candidate, issue or voting positionNo partisan or campaign materials may be distributed, nor should they be in the vicinity of the voter registration tablesIf you do not feel you can abide by these rules, please contact the Grand Knight or Diocesan Coordinator so another volunteer can be appointed
Voter Registration Weekend
Keep the objective of the weekend neutral and civic-mindedThe goal is to help fellow Catholics exercise their duty and privilege to voteVolunteers must not discuss issues or candidates during their service time
Voter Registration Weekend
Remind celebrant to make pulpit announcementGreetparishioners as they leave church and invite them to register to voteOffer parishioners the chance to sign a form if they think they will need help getting to the polls on Tuesday, November6, 2018
Voter Registration Weekend
Check each voter registration form for essential information;if possible, follow up with those who have filled out an incomplete formPlace completed forms into a sealed envelope so that personal information is not compromisedAfter the last Mass, remove registration posters and replace with vote postersKeep the sign up sheet of those who need transportation on Election Day in a safe and separate place
Each applicant has the option of returning the registration form to the Board of Elections (BOE) in person or by mail, or they can give itback toreturn (preferred)Inform the applicant that (s)he isn’t registered until (s)he receives a Voter Registration Card in the mailIf this is not received in 3 weeks, (s)he should call the BOE
Once Form is Complete
Applicant has the option to take form home to mail or to return to you to mail or deliver (preferred)If given a form, place it directly in an envelope, do not allow personal information to be seen by other applicantsKNOW YOUR STATE’S DEADLINE TO SUBMIT COMPLETED FORMS – THAT DATE IS[??????]Return all forms as soon as possible to local voter registration officeFollow up with those who asked for transportation help
General GuidanceDuties of Knights as Faithful Citizens
Knights are Catholic citizens who are members of their communities and constituents of their elected officialsAs a Catholic citizen, your most effective petition to an elected official is as an individual voterAs a Knight, you must exemplify your patriotic duty through the practice of charity and unity
General GuidanceDuties of Knights as Faithful Citizens
Become active and informed participants in the political life of your local communityRegister to vote and encourage others to register to voteInitiate and participate in robustnonpartisan“get out the vote” efforts to bring voters to the polls in all primary, general, and special elections
General GuidanceProhibited Activities of Knights
Engaging in activity, in the name of the Knights of Columbus, that seeks to endorse or oppose a candidate or party in a campaign for public officeMaking political statements, in the name of the Knights of Columbus, that seek to endorse or oppose a candidate or party in a campaign for public office
General GuidanceDuties of Knights as Faithful Citizens
Brother Knights are allowed to,on their own time and without any use of the name and emblem of the Knights of Columbus, participate in efforts that support a particular candidate or stance on a ballot measureHowever, when a Brother Knight joins together with his other Brothers in a council or assembly activity,they MAY NOT advocate for a particular candidate or ballot measureRemember the Third Degree:partisan politics are not allowed in the Order or in any of its council chambers!





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