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Title of Presentation
Presenter Name1, Coauthor Name2,Coauthor Name1,2, and Coauthor Name2
1Affiliation One2Affiliation Two
Slide FormatTitle SlideFont SizePresentation GuidelinesPresentation FlowText SlidesGraphs and DiagramsSavingUploading
Slide Format Requirements
Slides must be sized for Letter Paper(8.5 in x 11 in), with 0.5 in margins.Slides should not be sized for A4 Paper.Slides should not be sized for 35 mm Slides.Slide orientation must be Landscape (horizontal).
Slide Format Rules
Corporate and institutional logos are not permitted, except on the title slide.Corporate and institutional backgrounds and borders are not permitted.Backgrounds must be white.Text, lines, and shape outlines must be dark.Text fonts must be appropriate for screen display.Recommended font: Trebuchet MSReasonable alternatives include: Arial and Verdana.
Title Slide Requirements
Title slide must include:title of presentation,names and affiliations of all authors, andfull name of presenter.Full name of presenter must be underlined.Superscripts may be used to indicate individual author affiliations.
Font Size Rules
Title font size must be≥32 pt.Primary text font size must be≥28 pt.Secondary text font size must be≥ 24pt.All other text font size should be≥ 24pt, unless a smaller font is absolutely necessary.Font sizes (including labels on diagrams & graphs) must always be≥20 pt.
Guidelines for Effective Presentations
Keep concepts as simple as possible.Limit each slide to one main idea.Use several simple diagrams rather than one complex diagram.Use equations only if concepts cannot be clearly explained without equations.Useduplicate copies of slides that will be used more than once during the presentation.Do not plan to go back to a slide during the presentation.Rehearse the presentation aloud, preferably in front of a group of colleagues.
Presentation Flow
Title SlideOutline Slide(outline of the presentation, not the paper)Introduction, Motivation, Problems or ChallengesDetails of WorkComparison of Results with Previously Reported WorkConclusion SlideBackup Slide(s)(for potential use during question & answer period)
Text Slides
Use short phrases, not long sentences.Slides with lots of words are hard for the audience to assimilate.Minimize the number of words on text slides. Unless necessary:Use no more than 30 words per slide, andUse no more than 6 lines of text per slide.
Graphs and Diagrams
Simple line drawings are often best.Make all lines sufficiently thick.Dotted, dashed, and other specialty lines should be very bold and thick.Fonts within graphs and diagramsshould be ≥ 24pt.Often, graphs imported from other applications (ex:Matlab) have small fonts & thin lines.Adjust settings of the applications to increase font size and line thickness, orImport data and produce graphs using PowerPoint.
Example of Good Figure
Example of Bad Figure
Thin Lines, Small Fonts
Saving your File
Embed TrueType fonts in your fileClick on “File”, “Save As”, “Tools”, “Embed True Type Fonts”, orClick on “File”, “Save As”, and check “Embed True Type”Save your file with the name patternXSpP.ppt (PowerPoint) or XSpP.pdf (PDF)X: Symposium, Technology (T) or Circuits (C)S: Session numberP: Paper numberExamples:T2p4.ppt (Technology Symposium, Session 2, Paper 4)C2p4.ppt (Circuits Symposium, Session 2, Paper 4)
Uploading your Presentation
Bring an electronic copy of your presentation to the VLSI Symposia using eitherUSB Thumb Drive, orCD ROM.Upload your presentation in the Speaker Ready Room at least one day prior to your session.Review your presentation in the Speaker Ready Room to verify that the presentation displays properly using VLSI Symposia computers.





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