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Volcanic Landforms - Monroe County Schools

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Volcanic Landforms
Landforms From Lava and Ash
Rock and other materials formed from lava create a variety of landforms including __________________, __________________, _________________, and ___________________.
Shield Volcanoes
A wide gently sloping _____________ made of layers of lava and formed by ______________.Shield volcanoes rising from a hot spot on the ocean floor created the __________ ___________.
Cinder Cone Volcanoes
A steep _________ ____________ hill or mountain.Cinder cone volcanoes occur from pile up of _____________, ____________, and _____________ from an explosive volcano.
Composite Volcano
Tall, cone shaped mountains in which layers of ______________ alternate with layers of ______________.Examples: Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Fuji
Lava Plateau
High level areas formed from lavaExample: Columbia PlateauCaldera:A huge hole left by the _____________ of a _______________ mountain.The hole is filled with the __________ of the ____________ that have fallen inward as well as some __________ and ___________.
Soils from lava and ash
Soils made from volcanic ash is some of the richest soil in the world.Volcanic ash breaks down and releases _______________, ______________, and other materials that plants need.People settle near volcanoes to take advantage of the ___________ ___________.
Landforms from Magma
Features formed from magma include: volcanic necks, dikes, and sills, as well as batholiths and dome mountains.Volcanic necks, dikes, and sills:A neck forms when magma hardens in a ____________ __________.Magma that forces itself across ____________ ___________ hardens into a dike.
When magma squeezes between __________ of ___________ it is called a sill.Batholiths:A mass of rock formed when a large body of magma ___________ inside the ___________.Dome Mountains:Forms when rising magma is ____________ by horizontal layers of ____________. The magma forces the layers of rock to ___________ upward into a dome shape





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Volcanic Landforms - Monroe County Schools