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Qualitativeresearch25thNovember 2015RNIB Research day
What is qualitative research?Why is it different from quantitative research?Myth bustersWhat you can get out of qualitative researchGroup exerciseCase studies – qualitative research in the sight loss and health care sectorsWhen should you consider using qualitative research
When qualitative? When quantitative?
Qualitative researchWhen you want to understand, explore or describe something in depthQuantitative researchWhen you want to measure, quantify or predict the scale of something
What is qualitative research?
Qualitative research aim to understand the social world from the participant’s perspectiveQualitative methods:Explore events, experiences, attitudes, emotions and reasoningSearch for underlying factors and motivationsGenerate ideas, suggestionsMap range and diversity
What is qualitative research?
Your own generated data:reconstruction and retelling by respondentrespondents’ own interpretation and explanationMain methods:in-depth interviewsFocus groups
What is qualitative research?
Naturally occurring data:Social behaviour enacted in its natural settingSubconscious, complex, delicate issuesMain methods:ObservationDocumentary analysis
What underpins robust qualitative research?
Appropriate research designInclusive samplingIn-depthfieldworkEthicsComprehensive and systematic analysisIn-depthinterpretationTransparentdocumentation
Myth busters - stats not stories
The numbers of people used in qualitative research are too small for me to say anything about my serviceQualitative research is just anecdotal evidenceFunders/policy makers only take notice of statistics
Key messages to remember
Research questions- Explore, identify, understandData collection method- Structured data collections- methods include: in-depth interviews, focus groups, observationsSampling- Range of different groups: age, gender, types of sight lossAnalysis- Systematic and thematicReporting- Thematic analysis- Provides in-depth analysis and recommendations
Case study 1 – Personal Independence payment research
Funded by RNIB, Sense and TPTMixed methods design2 year study – mapping the experience of people moving to PIPLongitudinal qualitative interviews, over 3 different time pointsDWP data
Case study 2 – Social care research
NIHR SSCR fundedAimedto understand why people from black and minority ethnic groups consistentlyreportlower levels of satisfaction with socialcareDepth interviews with service users and carersFocusgroups anddepth interviewswith local authority staff and social careprovidersDeliberative workshops
Group exercise
In groups 3-4 discuss:Examples of when qualitative research has been usefulHow can qualitative research help you in your role
When should you use qualitative research?
Qualitative research can be used:1. Strategy, policy and formulation exploring2. Evaluation and impact
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