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We Beat The Street -

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We Beat The Street
Chapter 11
Rameckledsa protest to include black history inthe curriculumCurriculum is changedRamecksilly strings the teacherGets suspendedAlmost gets expelled
Chapter 12
11thgradeAll the boys start to bondAttend Seton Hall University PresentationTheir Friendship Pact beginsThey decide a career in Medicine may be in their future
Chapter 13
11thGradeRameckbeats up and stabscrackheadGoes to jail during ThanksgivingIs released from jail
Chapter 14
12thGradeSampson is arrested for armedrobberyWas trying to rob a drug dealer, instead it was the police.Goes to Juvenile DetentionHe is put on probation
Chapter 15
All boys are accepted to Seton Hall
Chapter 16
Boys attend a 7 week pre-session to college.They find it challenging.Rameckis not use to the discipline involved in the program.Carla (the program director) notices it and talks toRameck.Physician dress code is addressed.The boys attest that they will dress the way their community is fashioned.They do not want to change who they are or compromise their culture.





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We Beat The Street -