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Senior English 1_2_13 -

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Senior English 1/3/17
Write about the best and the worst of your break.What word if pronounced right is wrong but if pronounced wrong is right?Saponify– to convert into soap.Goals - Discuss future goals for this class and life.Dashing Denny.Homework – Complete that last packet of questions.Don’t forget to study for vocabulary quiz #14 on Friday.
Senior English 1/4/17
How do you feel about our government? Why?What is worse than “raining cats and dogs?”Ylem– the primordial stuff from which the various elements of matter were formed – neutrons, protons,etc.Goals - Discuss part two of 1984.Homework – Reading Part 3 of 1984; page 186-215.Don’t forget to study for vocabulary quiz #14 Friday.
Senior English 1/5/17
History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right. P. 128What is the difference between here and there?Plook– the Scottish word for a nasty pimple or boil.Goals– Examine how history and reality peoples perception of reality are controlled by the Party in 1984.Homework – Reading part 3 of 1984; page 215-232.
Senior English 1/6/17
Five minutes to prepare for Quiz 14.What happens when two city peanuts go for a walk in the evening?Lentiginous– heavily freckled.Goals – Complete Vocabulary #14.Homework –Reading part 3 of 1984; page232-245.





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Senior English 1_2_13 -