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Take outnotebook, folder and pencil box and agenda.Copy the question and answer in sentences:What occurs during germination, and why is it so important?
Returned Papers
Find your papers!Quick check-in for who is missing things
During germination, the hardseed coat gets softened by water, so theseed splitsopen.Thenew plant inside it begins to growinto a shoot or seedling.
C–Get group plant and bring it to the table!Opennotebook to FRONT.Make headingPlant Observations.Write 2QUALITATIVEand 2QUANTITATIVEobservations.
Plant Personification Book
One plant’s life story…
What root word do you hear in “personification”?From your prior knowledge of language arts, what are the features of a personification story?
Write from thepoint of view of an object,as if you ARE the object!Write in theFIRST PERSON, using words likeI, me, myself, etc.Useadjectivesto make your writing interesting.Useappropriate voice, to make your object sound believable!
Pretend you are a seed about to germinate, and go through your life cycle.Write about each stage of your life, working in the actual science details of each stage but also describing what you are feeling and going through.Sound like a plant talking! Be humorous, dramatic, energetic, etc., but don’t just list science facts!
Set up your plant story book…
Label your plant book pages as shown in class.Savethetop halfof each page foran illustration.Use thebottom half for writing.DO ALL THE WRITING FIRST!UNDERLINE each science word and plant stage neatly with a HIGHLIGHTER.
Label your pages
Cover page – title, your name, illustrationP. 1 – GerminationP. 2 – Sprout or seedlingP. 3 – Plant GrowthP. 4 – Flower buds and flowersP. 5 – PollinationP. 6 – Fruit or seed podP. 7 – Seed dispersal





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