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AP Composition andIB Language A
Truculent- adj. –fierce, rude, cruel, savageEx. Chillingsworth’s truculence was immediately evident to Hester.Venerate-v- to worshipEx. Everyone venerated Dimmsdale, but ironically the reader knew his dark secret. (dramatic irony)Impish –adj.- mischievousEx. My niece was only two years old, but I could tell she was going to be an impish child.
Tempest- n – a stormEx. No one expected their tempestuous relationship to endure, but it lasted all through high school.Indolent-adj- idle, lazy, to avoid workEx. The student’s total indolence led him to lose the respect of his peers as well as his teachers.
Edifice-n- a building, especially a tall imposing oneEx. The imposing edifice which is Bolton intimidated the incoming Freshmen.Vicissitude-n- a condition of constant change or alternation as a natural process, mutabilityEx.Torpor-n- a state of being dormant or inactive, temporary loss of all or part of the power of sensation or motion, sluggishness, stupor, dullnessRelated word- torpidEx. Her boyfriend leaving her for her mother left the girl’s entire family in a torpor for months.
August 11
Arduous-adj.- difficult to do, laboriousEx. She dreaded starting the arduous task of cleaning her room.Advent-n- arrival-Ex. The advent of summer made everyone excited.Sentient-adj.- capable of feelingIt seems miraculous that any sentient teenager would view reading as a source of pleasure after what they are required to read in school.

Incumbent- n- The holder of an officeEx. Although Harry Reid is the incumbent, it looks like he might lose the senate race.Sagacious-adj.- wiseRelated word- sageEx. I needed to find a sagacious person to ask advise about my future husband, so I called 1-800-love-doc.Obtuse- adj.- not sharp or blunt, either literally or metaphorically. Can be used to mean slowEx. The girl loved calling the jock obtuse because he was too stupid to know it was an insult.
Alacrity- n- liveliness, willingness to jump into the actionEx. He was selected to represent the class in SGA because of his alacrity.Related word: alacritousTremulous-adj.- trembling, quivering, palpitating, even fearfulEx. His tremulous appearance while being questioned made it evident to all he was not used to being called into the principal’s office.Moribund-adj.- dyingEx. His moribund heart was able to produce fantastic poetry.
Imbue-v- to fill up, to saturate, to permeate or even to thoroughly inspireEx. His beauty imbued all the girls with a feeling of total breathlessness.Reminiscence-n- the act of remembering past experiences, the written or spoken recollectionRelated word- reminisceEx. It won’t be long until high school is nothing morethan a reminiscence.Gourmand-n- a gluttonAlthough she tried to pass herself off as a food connoisseur, she was nothing more than a pathetic gourmand.
Vitiate-v- to make imperfect, faulty or impure; can also refer to impure or perverse people; to nullify a contractEx. Many teachers think realitytvdoes nothing but vitiate students all day long.Expatiate-v- to leave the homelandEx. The holocaust expatiated many Jews; the lucky ones went to Israel.Repudiate-v- to put away, to divorce, to cast off publiclyEx. Hester was repudiated by her entire community.
banal-adj- trite, commonplace, tiredEx. I was bored by the banal explanations of the same rules we have heard every year since sixth grade.percolate-v.-ooze gradually or strain, used metaphorically to mean permeate graduallyEx. Water percolates through the coffeemaker to brew coffee.Imbecile-n- a very foolish or stupid personEx. The girl was so worried of being seen as an imbecile, she rarely did anything without feeling totally self-conscious.
Cumbersome- adj.- hard to handle or deal with because of sizeRelated word- cumbrousEx. Most BHS students find their textbooks too cumbersome to tote around to their actual assigned locker.Polemic- adj.- controversialEx. Because his parents were Republican and his grandparents Democrats, politics was always a polemical topic at Thanksgiving.Malleable-adj.- capable of being changed molded or trained, originally used to refer to the bending of ironEx. Kate Gosslin proved to be Unmalleable in “Dancing with the Stars”; she drove her coach nuts.
Stalwart-having a firm foundation, brave, resolute, firm and unyieldingEx. Ironically Bill Clinton has become the stalwart icon of the Democratic party.Interloper-n- a person who meddles in other people’s affairs, originally referred to an unauthorized trading vesselEx. My lab partner is such an interloper, I try never to let her know any of my business.Esoteric- unfamiliar, rareEx. Esoteric is an exoteric word; while exoteric is an esoteric word.
Fastidious-adj. Excessively discriminatory, fussy, hard to please in manners of tasteEx. My friend, Cristiana, is a fastidious dresser.Natal-connected with one’s birthAlthough he is American, China is his natal land.Impel-v- to force, compel, urge, incite, to drive or push into motionEx. Although it is a painful process, Mrs. Brawner’s goal is to impel us to a 5 on the AP exam!!
Efficacious-adj. producing or capable of producing a desired effectEx. It is polemical whether spanking a child is an efficacious form of discipline.Impalpable-adj.- that cannot be felt by touching or not easily grasped by the mindEx. Because the nature of God is impalpable, many avoid thinking about the matter altogether.Phial-n- a small glassbottle orvialEx. The poison was in an unmarked phial in the pantry and avoided the suspicion of the detective.
Predilections- n- a preconceived liking, partialityEx. My predilections are always toward local restaurants over national chains.Forlorn-adj.- abandoned or desertedEx. The girl gave away her American Doll after it had sitting in the corner of her room forlornly since the 5thgrade.Appellations-n.-the act of calling by name, a name or title used to describe or designate a personEx. The students didn’t like the new mayor who insisted on being referred to by all kinds of appellations.
Test Day!!- Tomorrow!!
Lucubration- a work or study that required a lot of work to produce, especially work done late at nightEx. Our junior research projects will certainly be lucubrations we will be proud of.Indefatigable-can not be made to tire.Ex. Boxer was indefatigable while working on Animal Farm.Deleterious-harmful to one’s health or well-beingEx. Because cigarettes are so deleterious, the government forbids them for minors who may not have enough sense to avoid them on their own.
Scribbler-n- a person who scribbles (marks or covers with meaningless or illegible marks)Ex. Mrs. Brawner has been accused of being a scribbler.Antiquary-n- a person who collects or studies relics or ancient works of artEx. My antiquary grandfather loves to collect civil war souvenirs.Ponderous-adj.- very heavy, unwielding because of weightEx. Mrs.Brawnerfinds the laptop carts to be somewhat ponderous as she drags them down the hall to the library.
Sinews-n- a tendon, muscular power, strengthor forceEx. The sinews of their love could not be broken even by 15 years of harsh prison life.Ignominious-adj. shameful, dishonorable, disgracefulEx . Joran van is an ignonimous excuse for a human being.Dewy-adj. dew-like, refreshing, gentleEx. The baby’s dewy slumber brought a smile to everyone who gazed at her in the picture.
September 13
Heterodox-adj- departing from or opposed to the usual beliefs or established doctrinesEx. Heterodox teachers usually make for more interesting classes.Indubitable-adj- that cannot be doubted, unquestionableEx. Many feel the theories of evolution are indubitable, but this also is polemical.Rotund-adj- round, plump or stoutEx. To call someone rotund is a more disguised way of calling them fat.
Picturesque- adj. beautiful like a painting, suggesting or calling up a beautiful scene of natural beautyEx. The picturesque landscape of the Smoky mountains sometimes looks too beautiful to be real.Usurp-v-to take or assume power, position, or property unlawfullyEx. The usurping assistant coach tried to get the head coach fired based on rumors and gossip.Despot-n- anyone in charge who acts like a tyrantEx. My sister is despotic when my mother leaves her in charge of the little kids.
Contrive-v- to make up scheme or an imagined fabricationEx. Thelazy studentcontrived a horrible story to excuse his not reading his book over the week-end.Contumely-n- haughty or contemptuous rudenessEx. The contumacious members of the Women’s Aid Society made the afternoon tea an unpleasant experience.Efflux-n- a thing that flows outRelated words- effluence, effluvium, effluentEx. The efflux of profanity that came from the beautiful little child’s mouth shocked everyone.
Jollity-n- the quality or state of being funEx. The jollity of the party is totally dependent on the company not the activity or setting.Related words: jollify, jollyGentility-n- the condition of belonging by birth to the upper classesEx. America prides itself by having no gentility, but it really does.Impediment-n-an obstruction or something that gets in the wayRelated word: impedeEx. Some think that being poor is an impediment, but in some ways it can make a person stronger and more successful if they use it for good.
Remonstrate-v- to complain or protestEx. Most of the people who remonstrated in Portland against Donald Trump were not registered to vote.Cloister-n- a place of religious seclusion like a monastery or conventEx. Friar Lawrence tried to send Juliet to some cloister when he realized the plan had gone badly and Romeo was dead.Amenable-adj.- responsible or answerable, able to be controlled or influencedEx. The girl was amenable to even the slightest suggestion from her boyfriend.

Peremptory-adj- final, absolute, that cannot be denied, changed, delayed or opposedEx. The peremptory virus swept through the village killing all the inhabitants.Requite-v- to make or return payment for, to retaliate against or rewardChillingsworthcame to Salem for requital over the loss of Hester.Ferocious-adj.- wild, being untamedEx. The ferocious lion mauled the little monkey.
Dexterity-n- skill in using one’s hands, body and or mindEx. His dexterity with common tools make me think he has a future in engineering.Feign-v- to make a false show of, to pretendEx. Everyone feigned ignorance when the teacher asked who stole the girl’sipod.Paramour-n- loverEx. Hollywood is full of stories about paramours and deception.
Lurid-characterized by a violent passion or crimeEx. The lurid tale kept Greta VonStresanenthralled for weeks.Inscrutable- unknowable, mysteriousEx. The inscrutable decision of the Supreme Court made everyone curious about what went on behind closed doors.Acquiesce-v- consent quietly without protestEx. Although he acquiesced for the meantime,Montressorquietly plotted his revenge.
September 25
Intangible-adj.- cannot be touchedEx. “The Game” isan intangible.Ascetic- adj. or noun- a person who leads a life with strict self-discipline and without the usual pleasures and comforts, often for athletic competitionsEx. The ascetic regime of the American hockey team brought them to beat the superior Russian team.Voluptuous-adj. sexually attractive because of a full, shapely figureEx. Do guys like girls that are bone thin or that are voluptuous?
September 26
Succor-v- to give assistance to in time of need or distressEx. The Americans tried to succor the Haitians after the earthquake.Pristine-adj- pure, uncorrupted or unspoiledEx. The pristine beauty of the beach was destroyed by the oil spill.Scurrilous-adj.- using indecent or abusive language, coarse, vulgarEx. Scurrilous students are not acceptable in school.
Imbibe-v- to drinkEx. People who over-imbibe bring tragedy upon themselves.Contumacious-adj.- resisting authority, insubordinate; disobedientEx. She didn’t know why she felt so contumacious every time she talked to her mother.Insidious-adj.- characterized by treachery or slyness, crafty or wilyEx. The insidious details of the crime enraged the public.
October 1
Luster-n- the quality, condition or fact of shining by reflected lightEx. There is a certain luster in her face that let everyone know she was in love.Caprice-n- a sudden impulsive change in the way one thinks or actsEx. Her capricious spending habits led her into big time credit card debt.Conjure-v- bring up by a spirit or magicEx. No one knew how the Grizzlies were able to conjure up fans after losing so many seasons in a row.
September 24
Placid-adj.- calmEx. The placid feeling I got as I sat on the banks of the Mississippi relieved my stress headache.Urchins-mischevious, especially raged childrenEx. I love my AP urchins.Imperious-adj.- overbearing, domineeringEx. Althoughthe APcurriculum feels imperious- you’re all going to demolish it (metaphorically!).
Last word for first nine weeks
Epoch-n- notable period or time, a beginning of an ageEx. The death of Elvis marked the end of an epoch.vehement- adj.- showing or caused by strongly feelingRelated Word: VehemenceEx. I am vehemently against bad breath.Zenith-n- peak or highest pointEx. High school is not the zenith of human existence.





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