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Rules of Capitalization -

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Rules of Capitalization
1.Proper nouns that name particular people, places or things.Ms.Martin is the principal ofCooperMiddleSchool inAustell,Georgia.2.Family words used with names or in place of names:* My favorite aunt isAunt Mary.3.First words of sentences:*Always capitalize the first word of a sentence.
Do Capitalize…
4. First words in lines of traditional poetry.5. First words and important words in titles:Tears of aTiger6.Proper nouns that name particular dates, holidays, events, or awards:OnFebruary 21st,President’sDay, the soldier will receive thePurpleHeart for his heroism in theAfghanistanWar.
Do Capitalize….
7.The personal pronoun I.*Mike andIare first cousins.8.The first word of a direct quotation presented as a complete sentence:* The teacher said, “Please put your names on your papers before turning them in.”
Common nouns referring to people, places, or things:Ourclass will travel on thehighway to reach themuseum for the class trip.Family words used as common nouns:Mycousin relocated here to become a regional manager for the Coca Cola Company.First words in lines of some contemporary poetry
4. Articles, conjunctions, and short prepositions in titles:* TearsofaTiger5.Common nouns referring to times, events, or awards:* Bill is training to run in themarathon in thespring.6.The first word in the second part of a divided quotation:* “If you expect to pass this class,” the teacher warned, “study and turn in your work.”
Checklist for Capitalization
Have I capitalized…People’s names and initials?Personal titles preceding names?Names of races, languages, and nationalities?Names of religion and other religious terms?Names of the bodies of the universe?
Names of monuments, bridges, and other landmarks?Names of particular planes, trains, and other vehicles?Names of historical events, eras, and documents?Names of special events, awards, and brands?





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Rules of Capitalization -