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Vocabulary, WK. 2 -

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Vocabulary, Wk. 15
bellicose (adj.)mendacious (adj.)pusillanimous (adj.)
inclined to fight or quarrel; pugnacious

lying; untrue; deceitful
cowardly; timid
Unflattering adjectives
ambiguity (n.)hypothetical (adj.)equivocate (v.)
uncertainty or inexactness of meaning in language

based on or involving a supposition; conjectural
bedeliberatelyambiguous; use misleading terms in order to avoid committingoneself.
Words about uncertainty
Words from (older) literature
cull (v.)carp (v. )demur (v.)
select; pick out

find fault unreasonably; complain in a nagging way
object; take exception
divert (v.)preen (v.)rue (v.)
amuse; entertain

dress up; neaten up; fuss in dressing
to regret
Words about difficulty
quagmire (n.)imbroglio (n.)impasse (n.)
wet,boggyground that gives way under footdifficult situation

an extremelyconfused,complicated, or embarrassing situation
situation in which no progress is possible, especially because of disagreement





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Vocabulary, WK. 2 -