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(Session 3)Brought to you byDISTRICT 39
ToastmastersInternational Speech Contest begins at the club level, proceeds through Area, Division, District Regional and International LevelsDistrict Contest videos are submitted to World HQ to be used by the Regional & International LevelsAudio is clear without echo while Video is in HD. Camera is tripod mounted without zoom.The Speech Contest Rulebook is protocol for all Toastmasters Speech Contests at all levels.District Speech Contests are only conducted annually.
Get the latest copy of the Speech Contest Rulebook, July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. Free online download on the TI website ( IT! Don’t assume that you know the rules. It ALWAYS contains rule changes from the previous year.
To be eligible as a contestant, a member mustBe a paid member of the club, area, division or district in which he or she is competingThe club must be in good standingContestant Membership must be on file with Toastmasters InternationalTo be eligible for the International Speech Contest, a member must have completed six speeches in the CC Manual or 2 Levels in Pathways learning experienceMaintain eligibility at all levels of competitionNOTE:Ineligible to compete are: judges, international, regional & district officers, immediate past directors, presenters of education sessions, contest chairs, timers, ballot counters, SSA’s, etc.
EachClubselects contestant by whatever means.Qualifying contestants are listed on form 1182 Notification of Contest Winner form and given to Area Contest Chair.Winners (1st& 2nd) go to Area Contest to compete.EachAreamust hold a speech contest.Qualifying contestants are listed on form 1182 Notification of Contest Winner form and given to Division Contest Chair.Winners (1st& 2nd) go to Division Contest to compete.EachDivisionholds a speech contest.Qualifying contestants are listed on form 1182 Notification of Contest Winner form and given to District Contest Chair.Winner (1st) participates in District Contest.
Each contestant will use the same speaking area. Speaking order is announced Before the contest begins. Speeches are 5 to 7 minutes long. There will be 1 minute of silence between speeches for voting.The winner of each Division Contest will compete. If a contestant misses a contest briefing, he or she isdisqualified. An alternate whoattendsthe briefing may participate instead.Before the contest, judges, timers and ballot counters are briefed by the Chief Judge. Contestants are briefed by the Contest Chair & Chief Judge.At the end of the contests, Ballots are collected and counted by the Chief Judge and the Ballot Counters. Results are on the results sheet and given to the Contest Chair.The Toastmaster will perform contestant interviews while ballots are counted. Winners will be announced “3rdplace, 2ndplace, then 1stplace”. Results are final unless announced incorrectly.
Evaluations are 2 to 3 minutes. All evaluators will be present when the test/model speaker gives a speech. All contestants will be asked to leave the room after the speech and given a short period to make notes.All contestants will remain outside of the room while the first evaluator is called. After the evaluation, the next speaker is called in while the others remain outside. When all have spoke, ballots will be collected.Results will be given by the Chief Judge to the Contest Chair.
All contestants will speak from the same platform. Each contestant will be advised of the speaking area during the contestant brief.A lectern/podium will be available (optional). The camera will record the entire platform area throughout the contestFixed or portable microphones will be availableProps are permitted. Notify the Contest Chair and Chief Judge so they may make the Sergeant-At-Arms available
INTERNATIONALCONTEST:Speeches are 5 to 7 minutes and judged on content, delivery and language.The Division Winner goes to the TI Convention for the World Championship of Public SpeakingAll contestants remain in the rook while each speaksEVALUATION CONTEST:One Target Speech ( 5 – 7 minutes )Evaluations are 2 to 3 minutes long and judged on analytical quality, recommendations, technique and summation.The Division Winner does not advance to an international competitionContestants are held outside and brought in to speak after each previous speaker
Judges are interviewed and selected by the Chief Judge in accordance with the Rule Book.Each judge must meet qualifications as follows:be apaid club member for at least six monthshave completed at leastsix speechesin Competent Communicator or minimumtwo levels in Pathways learning experiencebephysically present at the contestfor which you are servingExperience and integrity are important factors
All judges must complete the Judge’s Certification of Eligibility and Code of Ethics Form, then submit it to the Chief Judge at all levelsMaintain objectivity throughout the judging processShould not bring their prejudices to a contest. Judges are to avoid biasJudges will look for the items listed on their ballots which have points assigned relative to your speech. Presence, attitude, appearance have value as well on each ballot
In anInternational Speech Contest, judges are looking forContent: Speech Development, Effectiveness and Speech ValueDelivery: Physical, Voice, MannerLanguage: Appropriateness, CorrectnessIn anEvaluation Contest, judges are looking forAnalytical QualityRecommendationsTechniqueSummation
Evaluation Contest Notes (Item 1177)Speech Contestant Profile (Item 1189)Speaker’s Certification of Eligibility & Originality (Item 1183)A list of all forms can be found in the Rule Book on pages 20, 25 and 26.
Additional resources, manuals, articles and web pages can be found on page 26 of the Rule Book
Preparation and trainingare the keys to success before, during and after a Speech Contest, no matter the contest level (Club, Area, Division, District, Regional or International). Contestant’s Checklist can be found on Page 23 of the Rule Book.If you have questions or comments, or just need additional help, just text me at (916) 271-7306 or email me [email protected] Contest questions –[email protected], it is imperative that youvisit our contest You must review this site if you plan to have a successful contest.BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER!”





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