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Welcome PCA - American Concrete Institute

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Committee Ballots for Documents
Shannon Banchero, Manager, Technical DocumentsJerzy Zemajtis, Senior Engineer
Ifyou have a question during the Webinar, please use the “chat” feature. There will be a question period at the end, however.If you experience difficulty with the Webinar andneedtospeak with someone, please contactKhaledNahlawi at 248-848-3713.
ACI Committee Ballots
Aninitialletterballot(a web ballot) isalwaysused for newinformation.Resolving comments on aninitialletter ballotrequiresasubsequentballot, either by a letter ballot or a meeting ballot.
There are four voting choices:AffirmativeAffirmative with CommentNegativeAbstention
Initiating a Web Ballot
To initiate a web ballot click on theChair/Officer Work Areaof your committee Web page.Create a ballotCommittee 224 Web Ballot
Passinga Web BallotItem
An item passes if the “1/2” rule and the “2/3” rules are satisfied.At least half the eligible voting members cast an affirmative vote.The number of affirmative votes must be at least twice the number of negative votes.
When Does a Negative VoteNotRequire Resolution?
Resolution is not required if the negative votedoesn’t suggest further action.Examples are:Negative votes without commentsNegative votes that arewithdrawnNegative votestofind a vote nonpersuasive orunrelated
Resolving Negatives by a Web Ballot
Negative votes that need resolution can be resolved by subsequent ballot(s) in one of three ways.Unrelated(no change to document)Nonpersuasive(nochange to document)Persuasive(change to document)
Example of Web Ballot Resolution
Committee 224 resolution of a negative by Web Ballot
Resolving Negativesata Meeting
Negative votes can be resolved by a motion that proposes the negative be found:Unrelated(no change to document)Nonpersuasive(no change to document)Persuasive(change to document)
Passing a Motionata Meeting
A motion passes if is satisfies the40% and the 2/3 rules.At least 40% of the eligible voting members must cast an affirmative vote.The number of affirmative votes must be at least twice the number of negative votes.
Examples of Meeting Ballot Resolutions
Correct resolution of negatives and proper documentationCommittee 224 MinutesIncorrect resolution of a negative and documentation
Three Common Mistakes
A motionto find a negative nonpersuasive does notpass and is considered resolved as persuasive.There are no default resolutions.Amotion must pass the 40% and 2/3 rules to resolve a negative.A negative was withdrawn and considered resolved by making a change to the document.If a change is made to the document, another vote must occur to find the negative persuasive.A voter labels comments on a ballot as P, G, S, or E.Comments can only be labeled as N or A/C.
Ballot Tools
To assist chairs when conducting web and meeting ballots, several forms are located on theDocument Development Web page.Document ballot formDocument ballot - chair resolution formResponse to comments ballot formResponse to comments - chair resolution formMeeting ballot – negative resolution form
Project Maintenance
Are you using this feature?Click on theProject Maintenancefrom theChair/Officer Work area.
New Business
Are you using this feature?Click on theNew Businessfrom theCommittee Member Work area.
Contact Information
ShannonBancheroManager, Technical [email protected]Document Processing [email protected]
If you have a question, please use the “raised hand” feature under“Attendee list.”





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Welcome PCA - American Concrete Institute