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Academic Affairs Fiscal Contacts Meeting

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Academic AffairsFiscal Contacts Meeting
May 19, 2015

14/15 Fiscal Closing
Permanent Budget & StaffingPending Allocations
Closing deadlines available on Blink – deadline for processing transfers affecting the permanent budget7/10/15 – deadlines for transactions affecting June preliminary operating ledger7/17/15 – deadline for VCs for adjustments to June operating ledger7/31/15 – June final operating ledger cutoff8/7/15 – July operating ledger cutoff
Fiscal Closing Deadlines
2% across the board increase 7/5/15Step increase 7/5/15PPS freeze during implementation in JuneReview staffing now to verify that CX staff are listed with the correct FTE and salaryAuto-costing for salary increases to be processed 6/15/15 and 6/29/15 (tentative)
Staffing Deadlines –CX Wage Implementation
Analyzing feasibility of anysalaryincrease effective 7/1/15 for non-represented academicsAs preparation,please ensure that all faculty merits and promotions effective 7/1/15 are entered in PPS by 6/30/15
Staffing Deadlines –Academic Salary Increases
Nonew informationregarding a program for salary increases for non-represented staffSX will receive a step increase effective 7/5/15
Staffing Deadlines –Non-Represented Staff & Others
Complete PPS updates by 6/30/15 if possibleBecause of compressedtimelinesfor salary programimplementation, may not be much time for departments to review auto-costingMay need to make funding corrections in 15/16 for anything missed at closingContact Denise Christensen for provision changes and [email protected]; x20443
Staffing Deadlines - General
GSGEIAllocation for spring quarter to be transferred on May ledgerNon-ResidentMasters Incentive14/15 is the last year of this programFunds to be transferred to Dean’s Offices in May
OutstandingAnnual Allocations
The following allocations will be made after the June prelim ledger deadline (July 10), based on actual costs:Benefits and general liability for JuneFaculty startup and retentionRequests for department indexes will be sentin early JuneChild care reimbursement for GSRs
Allocations After June Prelim
15/16 Budget Planning
Campus Budget ProcessFunding SourcesAllocation UpdatesRecharge Activities
Campus Budget ProcessGoal is to align operating budgets with actual/projected annual expenseReduced use of formulaic distribution of state funds and tuition among VC areasIncrease in targeted allocations, with increased accountabilityIn 15/16 budget planning, CFO’s focus was a detailed review of administrative units
15/16 Budget Planning
Campus Budget ProcessFor 16/17 budget planning, the focus will be a detailed review of academic unitsUnits can anticipate information requests from dean’s offices and EVC’s office regarding regular operating expense and expense for targeted allocationsUnits may also expect requests for explanations of carry forward balances, including identification of balances designated for individual faculty members
Preview: 16/17BudgetPlanning
Temporary FTE - 19900ATA FTE – 19900AAdmin Stipends & Ninths – 19900AEquipment Allocation – 19900AEquipment Matching – 19933AFaculty Startup & Retention –19933A (AH/SS)combination of 19933A/05397A/19942A (Bio/JSOE/PS)Undergraduate Seminars – 19900AGraduate Support (incl. block grant) – 19942ASummer Admin Support – 20095A
15/16 Fund Sources for EVC Allocations
To date, 2% overall decline in summer 2015 enrollment as compared to summer 2014Ifsummer enrollmentin your department has decreased from last year, anticipate lower summer TA allocationAllocations will be calculated and distributed in the week of June 22Summer instructors and TAs should be paid on fund 20290A (summer session fee)
Summer 2015 – Funding Updates
Starting will Fall 2015, the GSGEI allocation will be equal to the NRST revenue generated by the program’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year PhD students, adjusted by a cost-sharing factor15/16 allocations for a department will likely be reduced if funds from 13/14 and 14/15 have not been spent by 6/30/15
Graduate Student Growth & Excellence Initiative – 15/16
Low-volume, low-revenue activities to be reviewedby campus todetermine if services still neededRecharge activities that have not had their rates reviewed in the last two years will be asked to submit rate calculations and statements of operations that support continuing the current ratesFirst priority will be services that are high-volume, with recharges to federal funds
Review of Recharge Activities –Rates and Revenue
Single Operating Fund Initiative
Goals are toEliminate workloadSimplify financial managementImprove transparency on campus expensesIncrease operating flexibility to help innovate, invest, and diversify revenuesCampus-wide work group established at the end of March
Single Operating Fund Initiative
Why would we consider this?Revenue sources are more variable/unpredictable than anticipatedVariability creates challenges in providingthe same fundsources to units from year to yearAs additional revenue streams are developed, additional funds will be added to the mixSome funds are more restricted than others, adding to the challengeCreating valid reports of operating activity at the campus-wide level is challenging
Single Operating Fund – Why?
What accounting changes could we make so that units could have fewerand moreflexible“core” funds?Consolidate fund numbersChange restrictions on fundsRedistribute existing budgetsAre the benefits greater than the costs?Huge workload involved for this kind of change
Single Operating Fund
Started with a list of 130 “core” fundsState fundsStudent tuitionIndirect cost recoveryOther overhead recoveryAdmin share of differential incomeAdmin overhead assessment (ASSA)Gift/endowment fee/recoverySTIPPatent Income (campus share)
Identification of Core Funds
Some core funds already being phased outSome state funds are restricted for specific purposesSome core funds in use in only one VC area or one department/unitMain focus is on about 20 funds12 commonly used in Academic AffairsMost units have 2-3 regular operating funds
Identification of Core Funds
Determining/discussing reporting requirements (UCOP, state, others)Developing options to considerSingle fund or partial consolidation of fundsAnalyzing impacts of these options on operational units
Current Status
We need your input!What are the benefits?What are the costs? (both one-time and continuing)
Benefits and Costs





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Academic Affairs Fiscal Contacts Meeting