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Accelerated Math Courses - Brighten Academy

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Accelerated Math Courses
Brighten Academy 2016
Increased Course Offerings at BACS
As part of our growth plan, Brighten Academy has created a plan to accelerate qualified students through middle school math standardsThese students will have the opportunity to earn high school credits before ninth gradeBACS offers acceleration for credits in Foreign Language and MathDouglas County School System supports our acceleration plan as participation in Georgia’s Move on When Ready (MOWR) initiative
Advanced vs. Accelerated
Advanced Math provides students with a challenging curriculum, rigorous study, and required projects through the Georgia Common Core standardsStudents have opportunities for independent study
Accelerated Math compacts some units, to push students through 1.5 years of GA Common Core Standards during one school yearStudents complete projects and independent study to increase rigor and depth of knowledgeAllows opportunities to accumulate high school credits prior to 9thgradePositions students for a higher level math through high school; opportunities to expand to optional courses
Course Placement
All students are placed into middle school math courses by use of a rubric; students must maintain these qualifying criteria to stay in the accelerated trackSpring MAP dataMastery of the current year’s math standards / grades; Mastery in all Habits of Scholarship areasTeacher inputStudy habitsHW completionPace of learningGMAS Math ScoresAttendance – an accelerated program requires strong attendance records
Summer Packets
New this year!All incoming Accelerated Math students will be required to complete a Summer PacketReview of skillsPreview of the first unitStandardized test practiceThis packet will be the students’ first HOS grade
Student supports
Tutoring with their TeacherAvailability variesBefore school, during lunch, Wednesday Power HourIXL website – all middle school students were provided loginsBuzz Math – sixty licenses were purchased, logins can be requestedGA Milestone Assessment Guide – available through
The traditional Progression
Class of 2021 (current 8thGraders) – Accelerated
Take 8thGrade EOG Milestones
Class of 2022 (current 7thGraders) – Accelerated
Take 8thGrade EOG Milestones
Class of 2023 (current 6thGraders) – Accelerated
Take the Algebra EOC Test
Foreign Language Program Entrance
5thGraders will be screened for eligibilityAt least a 2.5 in Reading and Language Arts after the third nine weeksScoring Proficient or Distinguished on the 5thGrade GA Milestones ELA/Reading sectionMeets or Exceeds in Commitment and Critical Thinking, Habits of ScholarshipTeacher & Parent RecommendationsThe two-year course is split into four semesters: one in 6th, one in 7th, and a full year in 8th
Earning Foreign Language Credit
Once enrolled in the foreign language program, middle school students must demonstrate the following to remain in the programScores of 3 or above by the end of the year in all Spanish semestersScores of Meets/Exceeds in Habits of Scholarship: Craftsmanship, Commitment, and Critical ThinkingThe final 8thgrade scores will be converted for credit in Spanish IThe final grade will count towards high school GPAStudent will be enrolled in Spanish II as a 9thgrader
Presentation continues with specific information for current 8thgrade students in Accelerated Math
Finishing 8thGrade Math
Students must have tested in all units before December 16Retest opportunities available with Mrs. Beck, through the end of JanuaryGrades at the end of January will be converted for the final 8thgrade math creditStudents will take the 8thGrade GA Milestones test in April
Preparing Students for High School Grading
Teacher will utilize a combination of independent / paired work in learning activities, with scheduled quizzes and testsGrades will be given as raw scores or percentages, to mirror typical high school grading methodsStudents can strive for mastery with remediation and retestsAll retest attempts due by May 19Units 1-3: Quantities & Expressions, Linear Equations & Inequalities, and Quadratic Functions½ Credit in GSE Algebra I, which counts towards high school GPA
How can I earn the other ½ Credit in Algebra?
GA Virtual School, www.GAvirtualschool.orgRegistration for summer courses begins in MarchCreate a Student Account to begin registration and view coursesThe online course is necessary to complete the second semester of Algebra ICost is $250 for the remaining ½ credit; student/family must payMust finish the online coursework before July 7 to be eligible for testingGrades are released from GAVS on July 20; parent will send the report to the high school Algebra I B is the course your student will need prior to 9thgrade
Summer Testing
Algebra I EOCT is required to earn creditTesting on July 13-14, scheduled by county calendarThe EOCT score counts as 20% of the final grade, averaged with the two semester scoresThe final grade (after the EOCT calculation) is included in the student’s high school transcript, towards GPA
Ninth Grade!
Register for Geometry, Analytic Geometry, IB Math, or STEM Math, as determined by the high schoolSpring opportunity to enroll in the Accelerated track, dependent on each high school’s offeringsEach high school will determine how to finish Algebra I, if the GAVS credit is not finishedEach high school offers credit recovery, should the student need to retake the course
Thank you for attending!Sue Beck, Math [email protected] Brown, Math [email protected] Bemus, Math [email protected] McDonald, BACS [email protected]





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Accelerated Math Courses - Brighten Academy