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BC AFN Housing Forum - Splash

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National First Nations Housing Reform
BC Update – Moving Towards Authority
Role ofCCoHI
The Chiefs Committee on Housing and Infrastructure (CCoHI) provides political and technical guidance with respect to AFN’s engagement with Canada on housing and infrastructure related issuesRegionalChief Hart is the portfolio holder for housing and infrastructureCCoHI has representation from each region, which includes Chiefs and TechniciansChief Dan George is the BC chief’s representativeJim Munroe and Sylvia Olsen are technical members – both also from BC
Housing and Infrastructure Reform
2016 Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) expressed need to begin dialogue with First Nations on First Nations Housing and Infrastructure ReformMinister Bennett stated...”Think out of the box, think big, think Institutions, “Do you need CMHC? Do you need a First Nation CMHC?”We are all looking for initiatives that can help pave the way
The BC Experience
Have a history of substantial on-reserve housing partnership between FN leadership, INAC & CMHCAboriginal Housing Committee – BC (AHC-BC) was a partnership for many yearsTackled many strategic housing priorities and fostered a much closer working relationship between the partiesHave a history of institutional developmentFN Health Authority – regional health delivery in chart areas with regional partnership between tribal groups in those areasFN Financing Authority & Financial Management Board – opt in model for all FN in CanadaFN Taxation Authority – opt in model for all FN in CanadaThe overwhelming feeling is that housing is the next large scale delivery institution – “it is about time”
Where BC is at!
Have agreed that we will collectively work to build a provincial FN housing authoritySupported by FN Leadership CouncilSupported by BC-AFN Chiefs ResolutionWill be guided by a BC Chiefs Council on Housing & Infrastructure (BC-CCHI)4 chief representatives (Chief Dan George is the chair)4 technical representatives (includes Jim Munroe, Sylvia Olsen and two others with larger scale institutional development experience)Executive Director – Garry Merkel (past chair – AHC-BC)Finalizing workplan and entering into extended outreach and design phase – targeting implementation as soon as possible
Building on…
Experience with AHC-BCCompleted a project to explore the design of a provincial FN Housing Authority – 8 years old but still many relevant piecesProvincial Housing ForumDATE/LOCATION:February 13 & 14, 2017 in Victoria, BCPURPOSE:To determine how to move forward on First Nations’ authority for aboriginal housing & infrastructure in the BC Region within the context of a national First Nations housing & infrastructure initiativeATTENDEES:Federal, provincial and FN government representatives, housing providers, housing delivery experts & practitioners, institution buildersFORMAT:Discussion themes around design elements with thought provoking focussed presentations and breakouts
What we heard…
Structure – Key Points
First Nations authority – own it and ourselvesBuild from the community & readinessSpend time on the ground (with communities)Adjust to local/geographic needsApproach (professional, long-term, strategic, systematic)Full set of tools (legislation, policy, administration, funding)Base on a full review of what is working and notFoster intergenerational awarenessMaintain accountabilityOn & off reserveMay be separate but explore under one umbrellaHousing & infrastructureMay be separate but explore under one umbrella
Possible Organizational Structure
Parallel Political Structure (Chiefs Committee)
Delivery Structure
Possible Responsibilities Framework
Possible Services
Housing plans
Water systems
Zoning support
Budgeting support
Construction management
Partnership development (JV)
Rent to own assessment
Credit counselling
HR (hiring support, candidate pool)
Cultural training
Financing (individual & community)
Maintenance planning
Asset Planning & Management
Best Practises
Strategic planning
Bulk purchasing
Reporting templates
Energy assessment
Checklist for success
Designed for FN’s unique circumstances – flexibility ($ flow)
Market housing
Software platform
Economic profile
Professional Development is Essential
Systematic approachBased on detailed needs and gaps assessment (research)Engage existing learning institutionsAboriginal world viewAll levels (professional, technical, trades, administration, management, governance)Worker > apprentice > technician > professionalDeep & extensive resources & tech transferBest practises, toolkits, templates…Learn from othersBuild from our experience & capacity
Indians develop Indian things
FN Health Authority
FN Financial Board
FN Fiscal Institute
FN Taxation Authority
FN Education Authority
FN Housing Authority
Understand The Value of Time…
Understanding & Ability
FN Indigenous Affairs
MeduhMahsi' Choo
Chief Dan GeorgeChair, BC-CCHIBC Rep - CCoHI
Garry MerkelExecutive DirectorBC-CCHI





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BC AFN Housing Forum - Splash