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Barton St Lawrence Primary School

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Barton St Lawrence Primary School
Cherry Blossom ClassReception2015-2016
Adults in the class…
Miss Atkinson (Class teacher)Mrs Parker (TA)MissDulley(TA)
Topic for this half term
Ourselves and our familiesHow we grow and changeKeeping healthyWhat makes us special
Daily routine
8:50am drop off at classroomChildren to be registered and in collective worship by 9:05amLiteracy 9:30amPlaytime 10:30am – children have toast10:45am phonics11:05am mathematics12pm lunch time with buddies
Daily routine continued
1pm register1:10pm topic time2:15pm play time2:30pm topic time3:15pm story and milk time3:30pm home from classroom doorFruit and drinks available throughout the day at snack table.
Show and Tell
Each Friday there will be a session for Show and Tell.Items brought to school should fit into book bags.
Homework activities will be sent home on aFridayto be brought back to school on the followingWednesday.Usually activities to consolidate or further a challenge we have been doing in school.
PE kit and timings
PE on Monday afternoon and Friday morning.Children change into kit and put into bagsPLEASE ensure all kit is name labelled.PE kit will be sent home each holiday to be washed and checked.
Children will read with an adult in school regularly.Both guided reading and individual reading.Home reading books will be changed when reading with an adult or when the reading record has been signed by an adult at home.Anyone with spare time who would like to hear readers…
Questions to ask when reading
It is important that reading a book is not just about reading the words on a page. Children should be asked questions to further their understanding of the book.Sheet will be sent home for ideas.
Children have now started phase 2 phonicsLearningletters and the sounds they makeReading words by sounding out and blending together.Tricky words you just have to recognisePhonics games will be sent home each Friday to practise the sounds from that week.
Early Years Foundation Stage
17 early learning goalsChildren will be emerging, expected or exceeding in each goal at theend of the year.Children who are exceeding will be accessing National Curriculum work.Learning Journeys will evidence the children’s progress.Parental input into Learning Journeys is important – own section.
Behaviour Management
Positive PolicyGolden Time – special activities and toys provided in class (treasure box)Traffic light system– amber means losing a minute of Golden Time, red means losing 5 minutes.4 Class Rules – Hands up, caring, sharing, listening.House points as a reward (through our dojo)
Any Questions?
If you have any questions please feel free to stay and I will try to answer them for you.I am generally available before and after school to talk to you too.





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Barton St Lawrence Primary School