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Basic Travel Training Learning LabMay 19, 2017
Rebekah Caldwell, Maggie Hall and Virginia MooreAccounting Services
Basic Travel Training Overview
General Trip DataMealsExpense ReceiptsConference RegistrationTravel AdvancesHelpful Travel InformationIRIS Travel TransactionsHelpful Links
General Trip Data
Correspond dates and times with airfare flight times, allowing no more than 2 hours prior to departure and 1 hour upon return (plus drive time to alternate airports, if necessary).Destination city, state, and region code must correspond with lodging receipt for proper meal reimbursement. Refer to or Wikipedia to find county for unfamiliar cities in case they are considered “select” cities with higher rates.
General Trip Data (cont.)
Always add additional destinations and region codes when lodging in multiple cities. This determines how much meal money is allowed. Be sure to complete the “reason for trip” for these locations and correspond the dates with lodging receipts. The region code for all lodging receipts should be documented correctly in the “additional information” field.
Do not deduct meals outside of travel times. Travel day meals are reimbursed at a flat 75% of per diem allowed, regardless of when Traveler departs or returns.An agenda showing meals provided is required ifper diem meal reimbursement is being requested.Deduct all meals provided by conference (unless in travel status at the time). Continental breakfasts and receptions are not considered full meals and do not have to be deducted. If a “Brunch” is provided, lunch must bededucted rather than breakfast.
Expense Receipts
Airline and hotel provider codes must be shown, and the code of ZZZ only used when no provider can be found. If code ZZZ is used, provide the name of the airlines or hotel on the “description line” of the receipt.When airfare is direct-billed through World Travel, the itinerary/receipt must be scanned and entered on the expense report as “Airfare-company paid”. Regardless of who pays the expense the airfare itinerary must be attached.Airfare quotes must be provided when leaving from a destination other than the official station (Chattanooga). If additional destinations are included for personal reasons then the reimbursement is limited to the lesser of: actual ticket plus mileage/shuttle to alternate airport, or airfare quote.
Expense Receipts (cont.)
Baggage fees are documented as “excess baggage fees” (not “airfare penalties and fees”) and receipts must be provided because these are airfare-related.Ground Transportation (i.e., Uber, Taxi) expenses, regardless of the amount, must include the destination and reason for each fare reimbursement on the Travel Expense Report.Tips cannot exceed 20% of the total expense.Gasoline receipts are required, regardless of the dollar amount. No gasoline reimbursement may be claimed if mileage reimbursement is being claimed. If only gasoline isbeing reimbursed (not required for rental cars)estimated mileage must be documented in the comments section of the gasoline expense receipt.
Expense Receipts (cont.)
Conference Hotel Lodging requires:Documentation (i.e., brochure/agenda)ofthe conference hotellocation, conference hotel rate andamenities provided by hotel.Traveleris limited to the conference rate at the conference hotel or overflow hotel based on the documentation provided, even if the room block is sold out.The absence of the brochure/agenda will limit the reimbursement to the CONUS rate.Ifunable to secure necessary rates, whether it be conference rate or CONUS rate, contact World Travel for assistance. If World Travel cannot secure the necessary rate, they will email the best available rate allowing you to document the lodging as “Lodging-Agency”. WorldTravel:800-251-9047 or 877-210-8189.Parkingsites (i.e., hotel, airport) must be identified on the Travel ExpenseReportInternet must be explained as “UTC business-related” and documented as “communication/internet”. Internet for personal use is notreimbursable.
Expense Receipts (cont.)
Multiple cost centers can be entered using either percentages or absolute values with dollar amounts on alternative cost assignment.Never enter an “exception” on an expense report without contacting the Travel Department first. These require approval by CBO and UT Treasurer, and should only be used in special circumstances after discussion with the Travel Department.Asigned Travel Expense Report must be submitted. Make sure expense report submitted through workflow matches the signed expense report scanned and attached in IRIS. Also be sure all necessary documentation isattached.
Conference Registration
All conference registrationsmustbe submitted through Workflow for paymentwith a minimum of two weeks prior to deadline andmust includethe following:Travel Expense ReportT-30must be completed to request pre-payment of a conference registration fee.Do this even if you have an invoice!! (attach the invoice to T-30)The conference registration documentation “MUST” include all of the following information:name of the person(s) attending the conferencewhen and where the conference is to be heldthe amount of the conference registration fee(i.e.,brochure)the fee must specify the amenities provided(i.e.,meals, lodging, memberships)where and by what date the payment is to be sentlogin and password if registered online and registration is to be paid by credit card
Travel Advances
Travel Advances are now submitted through workflow using the T-41 form and attached in the Travel Advance PDF. Advances will be deposited to Traveler’s checking account within 10 days of start of trip.Allow aminimum of two weeksto submit and process travel advances, as funds cannot be deposited to Traveler’s account after the start of trip, and we need time to reject/correct if errors occur.Enter the amount of travel advance in the appropriate box on the expense report.Attach the signed T-41 form to theTravel AdvanceForm PDF,notto the Travel ExpenseStatement PDF. Only include additional attachments if they are necessary to explain the amount of the advance (i.e. spreadsheet for group travel, etc.)Submit through workflow
Travel Information
UT Treasurer’s Officefor policy, forms, and updates: Class Codes:Coach/Economy: B, E, G, H, K, L, M, N, O, Q, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, YLNote: YL applies to Southwest Airlines OnlyBusiness: C, D, I, J, ZFirst Class: A, F, P, RAirlineProvider Codes:Delta – DL American –AAContinental—CO Allegiant—A1USAirways –US Southwest--SWUnitedAirlines – UA
IRIS Travel Transactions
TRIP–Travel ManagerUseto enter Travel Requests and Travel Expense Reports and to find payment information for a travelerZPHRRECORD000 -Record Friend / Pending EE / Guest Traveler RequestUseto request a personnel number for a guest travelerZWF_HISTORY –Workflow History ReportUseto track both Travel Requests and Travel Expense Reports through IRIS workflowZWF_MYWORKFLOW –My Workflow ReportsUseto track only the work items thatyou submittedthrough IRIS workflow
IRIS TravelTransactions (cont.)
ZTV_PAYMENT_HISTORY– Travel Expenses Payment HistoryUse to view “payment history” for an entire department at one timeZTV_FIND_PERNR – Personnel Number from Trip NumberUse to find the personnel number of the traveler associated with a specific tripnumberS_AHR_61016406 – Who is Where? Search for Trip DestinationsUse to view a quick listing of multiple trips based on various selection criteria
Helpful Links
AccountingServices Website: SupportWebsite: IRIS, selectHelp>> IRIS Helpforonline instructionsIRIS Helpdesk email address:[email protected]’sOfficeWebsite: Website: DiemRate Website: Travel System: email address:[email protected]





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