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Academic Assessment Committee ReportFaculty Senate: 04.11.2017Dr. Brandon CombsDirector of Assessment, Committee Chair
AAC Committee Charge
The Academic Assessment Committee will provide oversight, identify needs, develop recommendations and policies regarding institution-wide assessment of student learning in order to strengthen the university and enhance its accountability. It will also recommend changes in academic assessment processes; review the usefulness of academic assessment strategies, reporting strategies and feedback processes; and ensure that assessment data are used to inform decision-making at all levels. The committee will support, fully or in part, faculty initiatives related to the improvement of academic assessment programs. The committee will maintain close communications with the Faculty Senate, the office of the provost, the UCA Core Council, and other appropriate committees, administrative bodies, and academic units.
SET Committee Membership
Brandon Combs, ChairJim Downey, COBLynn Burley, CLAJulieMeaux, CHBSJenniferHawkinson, CFACDonna Wake, COE
Charles Watson,CNSMPatricia Smith, HonorsMary Wood, Invited GuestJacob Held, UCA CoreRoseMcGarrity, SGAReliusJohnson, Graduate Student
Minutes Recap
November 1 to Present
Developing a common languageNew Assessment Plan format reviewNew Assessment Plan rubric reviewCursory review of Assessment Report and rubric – further review needed
Assessment Plan approval process discussion and changeAssessment Plan approvalHonors CollegeFamily and Consumer SciencesPAWSPurchaseConnection to UCA Core
Assessment Planning, Reporting, and Alignment
Moving away from CIP Plans to comprehensive Assessment PlansAnnual, institution-wide reporting will begin Fall 2017New Templates & Rubrics availableTraining/consultations available and in process
PAWSUpcoming workshopsOnline training, videos, and manualsTying it all together
Committee Agenda
Moving Forward
PAWS ImplementationMaintain and grow culture of evidence and continuous improvementAssessment Plan reviewsAssessment Report review and feedback
Contact Information
Dr. Brandon CombsDirector of [email protected]





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