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TopSlang Words at GettysburgCollege
This research was conducted by students inANTH 221 “Language and Culture”

Note that we adopt the linguistic approach known asdescriptivismrather than that ofprescriptivism, meaning that we aim to record language as it naturally occurs without imposing judgment or censorship. Please excuse the presence of words that are politically incorrect, that incorporate profanity, or that are otherwise offensive. To the extent that such words reflect important dimensions of college life and thought, we consider them to be relevant data.
Definition of college slang:“oral, informal, highly expressive language that is created and used primarily by students as part of undergraduate life” (Hummon1994:77)“Anever changing set of colloquial words and phrases that speakers use to establish or reinforce social identity or cohesiveness within a group or with a trend or fashion in society at large (Eble1996:11)





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