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13U+ Baseball Options

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13U+ Baseball Options
Why are we doing this?
There is no “playbook” for where you go next after graduating CP Majors BaseballThe number of options for 13U+ baseball is far greaterThese options come with a wider range of costs, amount of baseball, and type of seasonsTryouts for select fall teams will happen in July before 12U seasons end
To Start: Answer these questions…
Answering these questions will help you narrow your choices…Howmuch do you want to pay?How much do you want your son to play?Do you care what position(s) you son plays?Do you want to play with friends?How much do you want to travel? And how far?How much do you want to win? How competitive do you want to be?How much baseball do you want?Do you want TournamentsvsSingle Games?How much do you want your son to be noticed?Do you want your son to be coached by a “paid coach” or a “dad”
Non-Tournament Team options
Main Options:Connie Mack (Central Perk)Legion Ball (Spring City or PV)Others Not Covering Tonight:PhoenixvilleDeSanno–inhouseBabe-Ruth, ages 13-15BabeRuth (Spring Ford) – Chester County League, similar to Connie MackPredators out of Stowe have a wood bat league teamBerkshire in Reading has a league also
Connie Mack at CP
Connie Mack by season:Spring ($150): more developmental in nature, mix of player abilities, 10-12 games, no playoffs, weekend games only; good compliment to school baseballSummer ($250): more competitive in nature, playoffs & standings, 20-25 games, weekdays & weeknightsFall ($75): more developmental in nature, mix of player abilities, 10-12 games, no playoffs, weekend games onlyConnie Mack by level:A: targeted for top-level 15-16 year olds, top level baseball (summer only)B1: targeted for high-level 14-16 year olds, play for district and state titlesB: targeted for 14-15 year olds, summer playoffsC1: targeted for high-level 13-14 year olds, play for district and state titlesC: targeted for 13-14 year olds, summer playoffsOther Key Facts:Travel to teams within an hour of CP, all in Bucks and Montgomery countiesNo tournaments,7inning games, 2.5 hour time limitThere are boundaries, but not100% the same as CP’s 12U and underboundariesAges are determined like Ripken – as of May 1steachyearSome teams play tournaments before/after Connie Mack season, get best of both worlds
A, B1, C1 can have 20 players rostered.Some teams have a core then roster many others to pull in others as able
Legion Ball
Legion by Season:Tryouts are inearly AprilPlay a summer game schedule vs other areas (late May to late July)There are no tournaments, 20-25 games approx. + playoffsGames are during the week and weekendsCost will be around $300-$400Other Key Facts:Legionuses calendar year as the age cutoffs (1/1-12/31), not May 1st. The12U player witha December birthday moves up to 14U and misses the whole 13Useason; the Jan-April birthdays become the oldest kids at 14Legion starts prep with 14U, mix of 13’s and 14’s on the squadLegionhas boundariesLegion is a wood bat leagueTeamsare typically14-16players, most not coached by a dad
Tournament Team Options
3 main choices here:AAU or Facility TeamsPerk ProspectsForm an independent team
AAU or Facility Teams
Seasons:Fall:Tryouts for fall will be in July; September to early November scheduleSummer:Tryouts for summer will be in November(typically);manydon’tplay in the spring given school ball, May-early August schedule, butvaries by teamIf offered a spot, you typically have 24 hours to commitMany are predominantly tournament ball, few scrimmagesMost tournaments are Saturday and Sunday now, not during the week; means more pitching required, as can play 3-7 games on a weekend; try and get in 7 innings, but games have time limits so can be crunchedCosts will greatly vary, and need to see what you get for the moneyHow much baseball do you get?Do you get facility access to practice? On your own? Winter Workouts?Paid coaches vs dads?Range can be $500-$2700 for the baseball (no travel included) depending on the teamThenumber of groups hosting tournaments greatly diminishes from 12ULocal:BSE (Pottstown,Reading), ECTB (Allentown, Quakertown,Hershey), BigVision – Wood Bat in ReadingTravel:South Jersey, Ripken– some off sitegames, Sportsat theBeach, Perfect Game / Showcases
AAU / Facility Team Options
Sampling of teams in the area –note some have ties into programs already for graduating 12U playersComplete Game in RoyersfordBlack Sox Elite in PottstownDiamond Baseball in King of PrussiaCollegeville SpidersLimerick PanthersIndian Valley StormAll Star Baseball (teams in Warrington, Warminster, West Chester, Downingtown)Many others (Chandler Bats, All-in-Baseball, PA Shockers, etc.)Onething you may see (at least in the fall) – kids play on multiple teams, and rosters not the same day to day; some facilities have multiple teams and movekids betweenassee fitOther Key Factors:An A team moving to the 13U level will not dominate. The better teams will take the top 3-4 kids from 3-4 programs to build their teamSome facilities have 2 13U teams, move players as needed on weekends, consolidate to 1 14U team afterTeams are always out looking for talent, no spot is safe season to seasonAs you get older, kids get designated as Pitcher Only (nofielding or hitting!)As you get older, teams will play in NC/SC/GA/FL. For Perfect Game, goal is to have your teaminvitedto play in Florida Showcases.As get closer to 16U, teams start playing for showcases, don’t care about winning a tournament, it’s about exposure to college coaches. ”Sunday” pitchers become “Saturday” pitchers if that’s when the scout is there. Somekids try and get on a team with a dominant pitcher or two–know that team will want to be seen in a showcase game
Perk Prospects
Background:Same as a Travel Team, but not coached by a paid coach. Typically a Dad who coached TravelTeams will be looking for a coach to start up, we currently have a15U team. League has not been actively searching for teams each year, will support if age group is interestedRecommend tryouts and recruiting some kids from outside CP if ableTalk to travel teams your play this summer to plan for the fall and the 2019 Spring/SummerSeasonBelieve the guarantee was at least ½ the team would come from CP alumniCurrentareas players come from are CP, Lower Perk, Upper Providence, Upper Perk, Quakertown and PottstownCosts will be between $500 and $1000 depending on amount of baseball & where; zero profitteam15USeasonCosts (last year)Fall Season $200Winter Workouts $210 (batting with Paid Pitching Coaches)Spring League $100Summer Season $400Total Costs $910 for a full year
Perk Prospects
Background:May need to secure off-complex fields especially for practicesSame as a AAU Team, tournaments & League Games are played.14U Fall Season – 3 Tournaments & 3 games with practices14U Spring Season – 8 games with a 5 team league.14U Summer Season – 7 Tournaments with the last one being Sports at the BeachTeamRoster is set by coach, typically about 11 – 13playersTryouts are held based on coaching decisions on teamSeveral recruiting sites existTalkto travel teams your play this summer to plan for the fall and the 2019 Spring/SummerSeasonGet contract information from tournaments that you attend this yearHelp is here to start up a team. It is no different than a travel team to setup but less stress finding talent as the coach will determine mix of players and talent from a much larger pool.
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13U+ Baseball Options