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Integrated Land Management System - PLRS

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Pre-Bid Conference of Bankers for term loan of Rs 240crores
Punjab Land RecordsSociety
Loaneeby :
This Society is a State level body being constituted specifically to manage the Land Records in all its dimensions and works under the overall policy framework of Punjab State E-Governance Society (PSEGS)The primary objective of the Punjab Land Records Society (PLRS) is to oversee, monitor the implementation of computerization and digitization of Land Records and related documents in Punjab for the overall benefit of the citizens and to provide Land Records related services through multiple common access infrastructures to the public.
Punjab Land Records Society
Clause (Xvii) of 2.A.“To provide such infrastructure and all related support and technical services to the state Government and its Departments in general and Revenue Departments in particulars”Clause (X) of 2.B.“To borrow and raise money with or without security or to receive money and deposit on interest or otherwise in such manner as the Societymay deem fit”
Relevant Objectsand Functions ofPLRS to raise loans for Infrastructure
Board of Management , PLRS
Computerization of Land Records (CLR)Registration of Documents (RoD)Geographic Information System (GIS)Computerization ofMussavisScanning of Old Records.Construction of :Tehsils/ Sub-TehsilsFardKendrasDistrict Administrative ComplexesSub Divisional Magistrate ComplexesWorkStation forPatwaris.
Projectstobeundertakenby PLRS
Outlays of different projects
3 District Administrative ComplexMohaliRs 86CroresTarnTaranRs 45CroresBarnalaRs 45CroresTotal Cost Rs. 176Crores21 Sub divisional Magistrate ComplexesTotal Cost for Construction of the SDM complexes would be 21 * 3Crores= 63CroresWork Stations forPatwaris:Total Workstations: 5056Cost of one work station : 1.5lacTotal Cost : 76Croresapprox.
Works to be executed…
21 Sub Divisional Magistrate Complexes
The expenditure on IT resources, operations and management of the Society is funded mainly through :The grants –in- aid from the State Government and the Government of India under National Land Records Management Project(NLRMP) scheme.Any Specific project funding like special grant for re-entry etc.A. Facilitation Charges on Sale Deeds:
Funding of PLRS
B. Facilitation Charges @ Rs.2,000/- per document is charged on power of attorney.C. All other Registered Documents are chargeable @ Rs.500/- per document.
Funding of PLRS
Current Reserve and Expected Income of PLRS
The cost of Facilitation charges increased from Rs 150/- to Rs. 500 in February,2010 and now it has been increased asfollows:W.e.fNovember 2010.Resulting in increase of Revenue receipts to Rs 75Croresin Financial year 2012.
Increased Revenue due to Increased facilitation charges
Fund Flow for Next Ten years
Escrow accountState Government Bank Guarantee
Security to the Banks
Regards:Punjab Land Records Society





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Integrated Land Management System - PLRS