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Mexican Spotted Owl, Critical Habitat, & Section 7 ...

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Consultant’s Role
Provide technical expertise to project proponent andfederal agencyPreparation of documents for action agency (EA, EIS, BA…)Attend meetings on behalf of projectproponentGo between for agency and project proponent.Conductfield assessments/surveysSubmit annual reports to appropriate agenciesSubmit electronic survey data to appropriate agencies
Do notmake effectdeterminations in survey reports.Done by Federal agencyDo notrequest concurrence or consultation.Done by Federal agencyAct on behalf of agenciesonlywhen requested to do so.
Biological Assessment/ Section7 Resources
National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) courses:Developing a Biological Assessment – Online courseCSP31535 weeksInteragencyConsultation for EndangeredSpecies (Section7)CSP31164 days at NCTC campusNational Park ServiceBiological Assessment Guidebook 2015Templates
More Information
Endangered Species Act of 1973 CFR 402 Section 7 Consultation Handbook species information Conservation Data Center





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Mexican Spotted Owl, Critical Habitat, & Section 7 ...