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1351-2 Procedures

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1351-2 Fill out and submission Procedures(Travel Claim)
Camp Pendleton Disbursing office(760)763-7099,7100,7101,7102
Submission address
What is a DD form 1351-2
The DD form 1351-2 is a form thatidentifieswho you are,your dependents,where youtraveledfrom, and where you and your familytraveledto. It isthe documentation thatthe Disbursing office utilizes to pay your entitlementsaccurately.Improper, incorrect, or illegible claims may significantly delay your payment resulting in a possible debt to thegovernment and credit report/score degradation.Submitting a false claimwillresult in a fine with a possible jail sentence in accordance withU.S. Code, Title 18, Sections 287 and 1001 and Title 31, Section3729
Finding your 1351-2
Click below to be directed to a1351-2…1351-2Or use your favorite searchengine…bingask jeevesgooglehotbotyahoo

Is your 1351-2 the correct version?
-Ifthere is a line or an “X” through blocks 20 or 21 (signature blocks) then you must find another one.-Doesblock 21 have an A, B, & C block, or only A & B? Those with only A & B are outdated and no longer accepted.-Thecorrect version will have a date of May 2011 or newer.
Block 1(Payment)
When filling out block 1 you will need to select the EFT block or Payment by Check block.NOTE:If this is yourPermanent change ofstation(PCS) claim, separation claim or retirement claim, the Government travel credit card is not authorized for use. Payment by check is not valid for separations or retirement claims.
Blocks 2-5(Personal information)
2) Your name3) Your pay grade4) Your full social security numberMark the appropriate entitlements you would like to be reimbursed for.NOTE:DLA and TLE are not reimbursable for your final travel claim when separating or retiring from the Marine Corps.
Block 6(Address)
6) The address you are currently residing in.NOTE:This is also known as your new residence or home of record. This address should also be the one you entered on your 11060 (papers you were given by IPAC outbound upon separation). If it is something different you will need to attach a statement as to why you did not move to the address you listed on your 11060. You will also need to contact IPAC outbound and update your address in our systems. Failure to do so can delay payment.
Block 7(Phone number)
7) Your telephone number.NOTE:Please enter a phone number which you can be reached at from 0800-1700 pacific standard time. The Disbursing Office will contact youviathis number if there are any questions with regards to your claim. The finance office will not give this number to personnel outside of the office. It will also not be used for any purpose otherthenyour travel claim.
Blocks 8-9
These will be left blank by the member and are for the Disbursingoffice’suse only. Filling these out may causea processing errorand may ultimately delay your payment.
Block 10(For D.O use only)
Disbursing use onlyDisbursing use onlyDisbursing use onlyAnnotate the number of vehicles used in your move(1,2,or 3 POVs), and any other information you feel is pertinent to the submission of the claim.
Block 11(Organization and station)
Thisblock willbe left blank by the member andisfor the Disbursing Office’s use only.Fillingout this block maycause an error within the office and may ultimately delay your payment.
Block 12(Dependent(s))(1 of 2)
Accompanied- If your dependents have moved from your old duty station and are now residing with you.Unaccompanied- If your dependents were already located where you moved to, or did not relocate.NOTE:If you feel that your dependents were in an unaccompanied status please write a statement in block 10 or attach a document that has been signed and dated by you (the member) explaining why you feel the travel was unaccompanied. If you leave this block blank your claim will be returned in an unpaid status.
Block 12(2 of 2)
Dependents’ first and last nameRelationship to you (spouse, son, daughter)Date of birth or marriageNOTE:If your dependents are not listed on your orders you are required to contact your IPAC and have them send you a correct set of orders showing all dependents prior to separation from the Marine Corps. If you did not relocate all of your dependents you (the member) need to attach a document that has been signed and dated by you (the member) explaining why and the location of these dependents. If your dependents move within your allotted time (6 months for separates and 1 year for retirees) you can submit a supplemental for their travels. An extension can be submitted for additional time through HQMC. For information contact your servicing IPAC.
Block 13(Dependents address on receipt of orders)
This is the address your dependents were living at on the date you started your terminal leave or the same date you went to IPAC and received you separations orders and 11060.NOTE:If your dependents moved prior to you receiving your orders or they departed after you had already departed, you may rate entitlements for their travels. You will need to fill out a separateDD Form 1351-2Cshowing the dates of their travels. The determination will come from the finance office when your files are reviewed. If your dependents traveled prior to the issuance of appropriation data (the date your orders were authorized by HQMC),then you will not rate travel entitlements for them. When submitting the 1351-2C it needs to be accompanied by a letter authorizing the early departure of your dependents. If you are unsure of this please contact the Disbursing Office.
Block 14(have household goods been shipped?)
If your belongings have been relocated to your new residence mark yes. If your belongings are in storage at the old duty station or in another location other then the address listed in block number 6; then you have not established a newhouseholdand you do not rate travel entitlements.
Block 15(Itinerary)1 of4
Use a day and month format DD/MM, the year will be located just below the word DATE.To the right ofDEPin the first block you will need to list the starting location of your move (city and state only). This should be the base in which you (the member) moved from. Yourfinal destination on your travel claim should reflect the same city and state as blocks 6.b and 6.c.Ifthis is the dependent travel itinerary (1351-2C) you willneedto put the city and state the dependents relocatedfrom. The next block containing bothARRandDEPshouldcontainyour finaldestination. If you have aTAD locationbetweenyour starting and ending location enterall locationsin orders with one for each block.
Block 15(Itinerary)2 of4
c) Use the second page of the 1351-2 for the two letter combination codes. The codes will go in the white blocks only.NOTE:The most common codes are PA for personal auto and CP for commercial plane.d) Enter the reason for the stop in the white spots only. The shaded blocks are to be left blank. At your final destination, reason for stopping should be annotated as MC for Mission Complete.
Block 15(Itinerary)3of4
e) Please leave this column blank, they are not used for separation travel claims. Lodging costs are automatically factored into per diem and are not reimbursable unless you have W95 orders.f) Please leave this column blank, mileage is not calculated off the amount you claim on your separations travel claim. It is calculated based off your separations discharge type, your Home of Record in the system among other variables.
Block16POC Travel
Please annotate whether you were the operator of the vehicle you used or a passenger. This block will affect mileage reimbursement. If for whatever reason you do not feel this accurately portrays your situation, utilize block 10 D where it says ‘Computations’ to explain in more depth your situation.
Block17Duration of Travel
In this block simply put an X next to the amount of time that it took for you to travel once separated from the Marine Corps. In most situations this box should be marked as ‘More Than 24 Hours’.
Block18Reimbursable Expenses
a) Please write the date the expense occurred.b) Please write the actual name of the expense.c) Please write the amount it cost for your expense.d) Please leave this column blank, this is for our office only.NOTE:Most expensesMarinesrequest reimbursement for are not reimbursable on a separations travel claim. Only tollsenrouteto your new home and airfare are reimbursable. Lodging while awaiting your EAS are reimbursable to Marines with W95 orders only.
Block19Government Meals
Please leave this entire block blank as it does not affect your reimbursement at all in relation to your separations travel claim.
Block20Claimant Signature and Date
Please sign your name here certifying that everything written on this travel claim is an accurate portrayal of whatoccurredwhen you left the Marine Corps.Please write the date that you signed your travel claim here. If this date is prior to the date you finalized your travel on your claim, your claim will get rejected.
Remaining Blocks
Please leave the remaining blocks blank as they are for theDisbursing Office’s useonly.





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1351-2 Procedures