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International Measurement of Disability_ Purpose, Method ...

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International Measurement of Disability: Purpose, Method and ApplicationThe Work of the Washington Group
Barbara M. Altman, EditorSpringer
Springer Publishers
Provides detailed information on functioning measures of disability to the statistical and research communitiesProposes a model that could result in more comparable data on disability cross-nationallyProvides extensive information about ongoing collaborative work with other groups and training sessions that are being provided around theworld
Includes finished products, national experiences, methodology advances, first results from census uses of questions developed by the WGDevelops both theoretical approaches (to environmental measures) as well as practical applications (using functioning approach to ascertain disability in current refugee crisis)Informs the international population with disabilities and organizations working with populations with disability
Julie D. Weeks -Background and Origin of the Washington Group: Improving the State of Disability DataMargaret Schneider -Cross-national Issues in Disability Data CollectionCordell Golden -Processes and Milestones of WashingtonGroup
Section1Highlights of Origin and Issues in Data Collection
Barbara Altman and ElizabethRasch-Purpose of an International Comparable Census Disability MeasureKristenMiller-Summary of Washington Group Question Evaluation StudiesAliciaBercovich- The Harmonized Joint Pilot Tests for 2010 Population Census Round in Latin American Countries: An IntegrationExperience
Section 2Census Questions: Purpose, Process and Testing
Mitchell Loeb -Development of Disability Measures for Surveys: The Washington Group Extended Set on FunctioningMarguerite Schneider and Andres Montes -The Asian Testing ExperienceHoward Meltzer -The Challenges of Conducting National Surveys of Disability among Children
Section 3Moving Forward: Extended Question Sets and Methodological Advances
RobertaCrisalei, ElenaDePalma, Alessandra Battisti and Children’s Workgroup- Building a “Module on Child functioning and Disability”Daniel Mont,SathiAlur, Mitchell Loeb and Kristen Miller -Cognitive Analysis on Survey Questions for Identifying Out-of-School Children with Disabilities in IndiaBarbara Altman and Howard Meltzer -Developing Tools to Identify Environmental Factors as Context for Disability: A Theoretical Perspective
Section 3: continued
Emmanuelle Cambois, Carol Jagger, WilmaNusselder, Herman Van Oyen, Jean-Marie Robine- International Comparisons of Disability Prevalence Estimates: Impact of Accounting or not Accounting for the Institutionalized Population
Section 3: continued
RomyVirola and Jessamyn Encarnacion -The Washington Group on the Improvement of Disability Statistics Globally:Perspectives from the PhilippinesMitchell Loeb -International census/survey data and the short set of disability questions developed by the Washington Group on Disability Statistics
Section 4Conclusions: Outcomes and Place of the Washington Group Measures in International Data
Mary Crock and Laura Smith-Khan -Swift and Systematic? Identifying and Recording Disability in Forced MigrationJennifer Madans- The Washington Group’s Contribution to Disability Statistics and a Look to the FutureMary Chamie and Judy Heumann –What if There Were No Washington Group?
Section 4: continued





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International Measurement of Disability_ Purpose, Method ...