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Intelligent Aggressor - UNR

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Undergrad (UG)scommittee
DavidFeil-Seifer(also on college committee)MonicaNicolescuMing LiLei YangDongfangZhaoSushil Louis (Chair)
Undergrad committee these slidesTBM
Goals 1
New “C or better” in all required courses needs “gradual” updates (DFS)Correlate course syllabi with ABET requirements for SLOs and accreditation (MN)Minor in Unmanned Autonomous Systems (SL)Internships new paperwork (MN?)
Goals 2
Silver core reverification (MN)CS105 and CIT128 at TMCCComputingfor all (CO9)Computing for EngineersComputing for grad studentsStat 352 or Stat 461ENGR 461 tech elective
C09: Science, Technology & Society:Students will be able to connect science and technology to real-world problems by explaining how science relates to problems of societal concern; be able to distinguish between sound and unsound interpretations of scientific information; employ cogent reasoning methods in their own examinations of problems and issues; and understand the applications of science and technology in societal context.
Goals 3
Better AdvisingSummer classes (sjl)New coursesMobileDesignLarge scale softwareUG Website for faculty and studentsFAQ, …
Goals 4





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Intelligent Aggressor - UNR