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Abnormal Behavior - Texas Christian University

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Abnormal Behavior
Chapter One
What is abnormal behavior and why do we study it?
Def. One-abnormal behavior is defined in terms of the relative discomfort of a person which leads them to seek help from a professional.Def. Two-Statistical norms-abnormal behavior is defined as behavior that deviates from the expected norm.
Definitions & Terms
Psychopathology-symptoms and signs of a mental disorderAbnormal Psychology-application of psychological science to the study of mental disorders.Psychosis-general term that refers to several types of severe mental disorders in which the person is considered to be out of contact with reality.Syndrome-a group of symptoms that appear together and are assumed to represent a specific type of disorder.
Additional Terms
Epidemiology-the scientific study of the frequency and distribution of disorders within a population.Incidence-the number of new cases of a disorder that appear in a population during a specific period of time.Prevalence-the total number of active cases, both old and new, that are present in a population during a specific time period.Co-morbidity-the presence of more than one condition with the same period of time.Psychiatrist-branch of medicine concerned with the study and treatment of mental disorders.Psychologist-concerned with the application of psychological sciences (behavioral) to the assessment and treatment of mental disorders.
Designations and Training
Clinical Psychologist-5+ years of graduate study, one year internship—trained in the use of psychological assessment procedures and psychotherapy.Doctor of Philosophy- PhDmajor emphasis on research methods. A doctoral dissertation is required.Doctor of Psychology-PsyD-greater emphasis on practical skills of assessment and treatment. Does not require a dissertationCounseling Psychology-(PhD)more applied field that focuses on training assessment and therapy (Dissertation usually required).Social Worker-profession concerned with helping people achieve an effective level of psychosocial interaction. Requires a masters degree in social work, based less on a body of scientific knowledge and more on a commitment to action.
Historical Context
Greek- HippocratesMiddle AgesIndustrial Revolution (1600-1800)Development of the Asylum (1833)Development of Psychiatry (1844)
Methods for studying Abnormal Behavior
Case StudyCorrelational StudyTrue Experiment
Recognizing the Presence of the Disorder
Set of Characteristic FeaturesNo definitive lab testsImpairment of every day funtion.





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Abnormal Behavior - Texas Christian University